Travis Barker Dragged For Liking THIS Very Risqué Post By Teen Daughter Alabama!

Travis Barker is a undoubtedly cool dad… but maybe this is a bridge too far?

Last week, Alabama Barker, the 17-year-old minor daughter of the Blink-182 drummer, shared an extremely revealing photo on Instagram of herself in a risqué dress with a plunging cutout front and center that revealed her midsection and a chest. She captioned the post:

“Self esteems drop every time I show up.”

See (below):

A post shared by Alabama Luella Barker (@alabamaluellabarker)

Let’s remind everyone that this girl is a CHILD. Yes, she turns 18 next month, but that’s still SO young. And that means for now, she’s still underage! Fans certainly weren’t impressed, calling out the look in the comments:

“I love Bama… but baybeeee. This is too much for someone her age”

“Incredibly inappropriate”

“this is borderline child pornography”

“Way too underage to be acting this grown.”

“Girl put some clothes on”

But it looks like Travis wasn’t quite as concerned as fans…

Eagle-eyed IG users noticed that the 47-year-old actually LIKED the photo. See (below):

Fans were NOT impressed with his support of the teen’s wardrobe choice, though. That left ‘em no choice but to voice their concerns in the comments:

“I feel sorry for her. She is a beautiful girl who could be using her platform for so much more than this. She is 17…. The fact that her father likes these types of posts is ridiculous.”

“I’d be mortified if my dad liked this post!”

“And her FATHER has LIKED the post. Poor thing, never stood a chance”

However, one fan thought that the criticism should be left up to Travis and Alabama’s mom, Shanna Moakler:

“My thing is.. why do y’all care more than her parents? Or family? If they don’t care then why do y’all care?”

Maybe Travis is just wrapped up in new dad mode after welcoming Rocky with Kourtney Kardashian?? What are your thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Let us know in the comments down below.

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