'One Chip Challenge' Chip Pulled Off Store Shelves After Teenager Dies


Paqui, the company responsible for the viral “One Chip Challenge,” is yanking the product off of store shelves … in response to a teenager who died after eating the product.

The company has a statement at the top of its website, saying the challenge “is intended for adults only, with clear and prominent labeling highlighting the chip is not for children or anyone sensitive to spicy foods.”

warning label

Paqui says it’s seen an uptick in minors jumping in on the challenge, despite the warning label on the packaging — adding the company’s now “working with our retailers to remove the product from shelves.”

The company is even offering refunds to folks who have already purchased the challenge. Unclear if it’s the end of the product, or if the plan is to ditch the product and come up with a new option … but Paqui says the product already adheres to food safety standards.

Harris Wolobah

As we reported, 14-year-old Harris Wolobah died in Massachusetts last week — according to his mother, his passing was a result of complications he suffered from consuming the chip at school.

While Harris’ official cause of death is still pending, his mother claims the school contacted her on Friday about a stomach ache he had after eating the Paqui chip, but allegedly was feeling better when he got home. However, she says he collapsed and was rushed to a hospital not long after, where he was pronounced dead.

Harris’ mom has been pointing fingers at Harris’ school — mainly for not taking him straight to the hospital when his stomach started hurting, which potentially could’ve saved his life.

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