Omid Scobie: Endgame is not Harry & Meghans book & Im not Megs pal

As we’ve discussed a lot this week, the first excerpts of Omid Scobie’s Endgame were dropped and everyone over in the UK commenced with their salty-ass freakout. The Windsors are shaking, and the royal media apparatus seemingly feels betrayed. I tend to believe that much of what Scobie writes is common knowledge among most royal reporters and that’s why they’re so mad at him – it’s not just the Windsors who have a code of omerta, it’s the royal media too, they have their own omerta, where they all feel like they have to capitulate and be stenographers to royalty. Scobie “broke” that code by writing that the emperor has no clothes.

In the middle of all of that, the Windsors and royal media have been desperately trying to claim that Endgame is a Sussex-centered story, or that Scobie’s sources are all Prince Harry and Meghan. As I’ve said, I have no doubt that Scobie has close sources in Team Sussex. But he also has contacts and sources in Windsor World and beyond. In any case, the Mail is now reporting that “Meghan and Harry categorically deny any suggestion they are ‘affiliated’ with the book or that Mr Scobie, who has been friendly with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and co-wrote their biography Finding Freedom, is part of the ‘Sussex Camp’.” That’s seriously how the Mail wrote it. LMAO. Anyway, for Scobie’s part, he tweeted this out on Thursday:

— Omid Scobie (@scobie) November 16, 2023

— Omid Scobie (@scobie) November 16, 2023

I enjoy the fact that Scobie isn’t playing with these bitches. I cannot wait to read Endgame.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Scobie’s Instagram.

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