Marlon Wayans Reveals Eldest Child is Transgender, Now Goes by Kai

Marlon Wayans says his eldest child is transgender, and now identifies as male with a different name … changes Marlon says took some getting used to on his part.

The comedian made the revelation on “The Breakfast Club” … telling the crew that his new comedy special, “Rainbow Child,” was going to tackle this exact topic, in hopes of helping other parents who have trans kids.

Kai, Marlon & Shawn

Marlon explained last week that 23-year-old Amai goes by Kai now … and MW calls him his son. You can tell it’s still fairly new, because he accidentally mis-genders Kai while discussing him.

It’s pretty eye-opening, but it’s clear Marlon has embraced the change with open arms — although, he admits it’s been a learning process … and took quite a bit of education, on his part, to come around to love and acceptance.

As he explains here, Marlon was in “complete denial” for a while — but now says he has nothing but unconditional love for Kai. It’s unclear when exactly the transition happened — but Marlon’s been photographed with Kai and his other son Shawn in recent years.

No word on when this special is dropping either, but we know Marlon’s been touring.

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