Kris Jenner Wishes Daughter Kendall Jenner a Happy 28th Birthday

Kendall Jenner is 28 … and proud mama Kris Jenner is SO overcome with emotion … let us know if you can tell. 😅

The momager kicked off the gushing birthday tributes to the model in a sentimental IG post … heaping endless praise on her “beautiful, kind, generous, giving, smart, talented, creative, amazing, thoughtful” daughter.

Of course, a collection of Kendall’s adorable childhood snaps accompanied the extravagant compliments — par for the course for the KarJenners, really.

Kris says she’s blessed to be her mother — and we’re sure Kendall following in her sisters’ mega-business brand footsteps with her 818 Tequila venture has something to do with it.

Kendall Jenner's 818 Tequila

Not that she needed it … with a $45M net worth, she’s a regular topper on Forbes’ annual list of highest-paid models after working with virtually every fashion brand out there.

Meanwhile, Kendall’s sisters have been slow on the ground with their birthday tributes to KJ — but they’re all busy running empires, so we’ll let them off the hook.

Kendall Jenner's Hot Bikini Shots

But the supermodel’s BFF Hailey Bieber spent all night rolling out the dough to make pumpkin-flavored iced buns for her … which already appeared to be half eaten when presented to her. What a “sicko” — Kendall’s words, not ours.

In case it needed to be said explicitly … happy birthday!

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