Elderly Woman Wins $3M Settlement from Dunkin Donuts In Spilled Coffee Lawsuit

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Dunkin’ Donuts allegedly dished out a very hot, and very expensive cup of coffee … a franchise in Georgia just settled a lawsuit over some spilled java for $3 million.

Here’s the deal … an elderly woman in Atlanta sued after claiming she suffered third-degree burns when her Dunkin’ Donuts coffee spilled on her lap as she sat in her car in the drive-thru of a DD in Sugar Hill, GA.

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The woman, represented by Benjamin Welch at Morgan & Morgan, claimed the lid was not secured on the coffee cup, causing a spill she says burned her body so badly she had to get extensive skin grafts and re-learn how to walk.

The law firm says the incident happened back in February 2021 … and now there’s been a settlement, with the woman set to receive $3 million from the Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee.

Morgan & Morgan says the woman racked up more than $200k in medical bills, and still struggles with day-to-day life as a result of the burns, which require her to apply creams and ointments several times a day.

The lawsuit and settlement bring back memories of a famous 1994 lawsuit against McDonald’s, when another woman claimed she was burned by hot coffee.

That suit eventually went to trial and triggered a massive push for tort reform in America … not to mention getting referenced in a “Seinfeld” episode and a Toby Keith song.

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