Binky Felstead: People say such nasty things about my parenting but Im a great mum

Still very much in her baby bubble, Binky Felstead is full of joy nearly five months on from welcoming her third child, Wilder, to the family.

Speaking to OK! from her west London home with the little one cradled in her arms, she giggles, “Wilder has promised to stay quiet until the end of the interview.” As we settle into our catch-up with the former Made In Chelsea star, we ponder the difference between her life now from the wild days filming the dramatic reality show as she firmly focuses on family life.

Binky is now a dedicated mum to India, six, from her previous relationship with Josh Patterson, and, as well as Wilder, she shares two-year-old Wolfie with her husband Max Darnton.

Revealing that she always envisaged a big family, the mother-of-three appears to take it all in her stride. Though not without challenges, Binky admits, “It’s no easy thing leaving the house with three kids, even if it’s just for a coffee. We have the dog too, so it’s definitely a game-changer trying to fit everything in the car!”

Luckily, she has help and reveals that India is a brilliant and doting big sister to her two younger siblings.

“She’s very maternal,” Binky says. “In the morning, she’ll get Wolfie out of his sleepsuit and get him a bottle. She’s really excited to help out as much as she can. I haven’t got her changing nappies yet though!”

The former reality star is clearly besotted with her baby son as she pauses to check on the little one throughout our chat. “His little eyes keep looking up at me and smiling,” she gushes. “Currently, he just stares at me smiling and isn’t any trouble because he can’t do much yet. But I think I’ll start noticing the difference when he starts crawling, walking and fighting!”

She shares, “I can’t wait to see them all playing together. We went to Sweden recently and it was just so lovely seeing them playing on the beach and entertaining each other. It’s wonderful.”

Binky gave birth to her youngest in April and describes her recovery this time as the “smoothest out of all three”. “I’ve had three vaginal births and my recovery after Wilder has been the best and I feel like that’s down to keeping active during my pregnancy.

"Exercise makes me feel really good, mentally and physically,” says the 33-year-old, who is a big believer in staying active during and after pregnancy.

Often using Instagram to update her 1.4 million followers on family life and keeping fit, Binky admits that the platform has its downsides. Being in the public eye means that she now has to deal with a barrage of ‘mum-shamers’ criticising her and says that, despite having a ‘thick skin’, comments can take their toll. “I’ve been dealing with people saying nasty things since I was pregnant with India at age 26, and I was the first of my friends to have a baby too so I had no one to turn to. I only really had my mum for advice.

“The people who make comments about my kids and how I parent them are the ones that really get under my skin because I know I’m a good mum, I’m smashing it as much as I can,” she says. Despite the negative comments, her strong support network ensures that she’s able to ‘turn a blind eye’.

And while falling pregnant with India back in 2017 was a ‘shock’ for Binky, it means she is now equipped to help out as her pals build families of their own too. As best friend and co-star Ollie Locke has recently welcomed twins via surrogate with his husband Gareth, Binky will be on hand with her top parenting tips for the first-time dads.

“All my friends come to me for advice now, being a mummy of three as well means that I’ve got experience with different ways as no one size fits all for parenting.”

Ensuring she doesn’t involve herself when it’s unsolicited, she clarifies, “I would only give advice if I am asked for it because I’ve had that before and not appreciated it. Being a fairly young mummy, older women have tried to push their advice on me that I wasn’t really asking for. So, I make sure not to do that.”

One thing she does have firm advice on is car safety for parents and is working with Churchill car insurance on a new ‘Danger Nap’ campaign. After research has shown that almost a third of parents admit to taking their hands off the wheel to keep their kids from napping in the car, Binky is spreading the word on safety.

“I know first-hand how much of a nightmare it can be when you’re in the car and your kids fall asleep. When it happens for me, it means that my kids’ 7 o’clock bedtime is pushed because they aren’t tired anymore,” she explains. “I think I can vouch for all parents when I say that when you’ve finally got your kids to bed, you’re knackered and you just want some alone time.”

Admitting that India is good at keeping her younger brother Wolfie entertained in the car, Binky also has some other tips for mothers hoping to avoid the ‘danger nap’. “Wolfie and India love Frozen and Moana songs so I play them in the car, it keeps them awake as they’re dancing along. Opening the window and letting a breeze in is good too!”

Car journeys have been more frequent for Binky and Max over recent weeks as they have been making the most of summer by enjoying day trips to the beach with their three little ones.

“There’s a lot more luggage now there’s five of us, but I always try to get out and do things.”

With busy schedules, school holidays and a newborn baby we wonder if the busy mum manages to find some time out with her husband away from the little ones.

“We prioritise spending time with the kids mainly, but it’s nice to do things when they’re all in bed. Max and I will have a nice dinner or go to the cinema. We stay pretty local now and don’t really leave where we live much – we’re much more boring!”

When we probe whether more children could be on the horizon, Binky admits, “I have always wanted a large family… I don’t know yet, I’ll give myself a bit longer than three months to decide that one!”

Binky is working with Churchill car insurance on their Danger Nap campaign.

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