BBC: King Charles is expecting a birthday phone call from Prince Harry today

Here are some photos from King Charles’s “birthday party” at Highgrove on Monday. Charles invited a few dozen 75-year-olds to join him at a reception thrown by his foundation ahead of his 75th birthday today. Charles was in his element – surrounded by old farts and posing with a big cake. There are no photos of Charles eating that cake, but I hope the guests all got a slice. Today, Charles will be launching his Coronation Food Project. He wanted as many eyes on his launch as possible, which is why Charles is once again using his son’s name for added clout. It’s become quite a regular thing, Charles using Prince Harry’s name to draw attention to himself. The palace leaked some news to the BBC:

King Charles is celebrating his 75th birthday with a business-as-usual approach and the launch of a project to help people facing food poverty. But it’s understood that he will be getting a birthday greeting by transatlantic phone call from his younger son, Prince Harry.

The King’s birthday plans will also see him hosting a reception for NHS nurses and midwives.

Ceremonial gun salutes will mark the day, including at the Tower of London.

Public service rather than glitzy partying is being emphasised in the King’s birthday engagements, although it is expected that there will be a private dinner for close family and friends.

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, will not be there, but well-placed sources say that the US-based duke will be putting in a birthday phone call to his father. The plans for a phone message might be seen as an olive branch, after claims that there had been no contact with Prince Harry about the birthday plans.

[From BBC]

There was no public contact and no social media posts from the Windsors for Harry’s birthday, which he celebrated in Germany at the Invictus Games. But was there actually “no contact” between Harry and Charles on or around Harry’s 39th birthday? If that’s so, Charles really is the sh-ttiest of dogs-t fathers. Couldn’t even send Harry a birthday card or a birthday text? And now Charles is using Harry’s name AGAIN. Harry shut it down when Charles briefed the media that Harry had been invited to his birthday party but Harry “snubbed” the invite. I hope Harry skips the call and just sent his father some rude “over the hill” card.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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