Amanda Holden says husband has a 'free pass' to date a Strictly star

Amanda Holden reveals her husband Chris Hughes has a ‘free pass’ to date a Strictly Come Dancing star

Amanda Holden has revealed her husband Chris Hughes has a ‘free pass’ to date a Strictly Come Dancing star. 

The BGT judge, 52, revealed her beau’s surprising crush while speaking on Heart Radio with Joe Wilkinson and Jamie Theakston on Wednesday. 

Amanda married her second husband Chris Hughes in 2008 and the couple share two daughters. 

But she shared that the object of his affections is none other than Countdown numbers girl Rachel Riley, who starred on Strictly in 2013. 

Amanda admitted: ‘You see that is my husband’s pink pass. He’s got a real thing for Rachel Riley.

Saucy secret: Amanda Holden has revealed her husband Chris Hughes has a ‘free pass’ to date a Strictly Come Dancing star

Happy couple: Amanda has been married to her second husband Chris Hughes since 2008

‘I would allow him to take her out…for a coffee.’

When her shocked co-hosts asked if the deal would include the two cuddling and kissing, she coyly remarked: ‘You work out the maths’. 

Joking about what Rachel is like as a person, Amanda called her ‘a difficult woman’ before quickly establishing: ‘No, she is lovely’.  

Rachel was on Strictly in 2013, when she was partnered with her now husband Pasha Kovalev, whom she began dating after the show ended. The couple share two children. 

In July Amanda and Chris enjoyed a sun-soaked getaway together, spending quality time together for the first time in a long time. 

Amanda married Chris in 2008, two years after giving birth to their first daughter Alexa – and a second daughter Hollie followed in 2012. 

It comes after Amanda’s ex Les Dennis recalled the surprising first time he laid eyes on her second husband Chris. 

The TV legend, 69, married to the actress in 1995 when she was 22 and he was 40, before divorcing eight years later. 

Crush: Amanda revealed that she would let her husband take Rachel Riley out on a date

Star: Rachel was on Strictly in 2013, where she was partnered with her now-husband Pasha Kovalev

And it transpires that in a strange twist of fate Les was managed by Chris’ dad Mike Hughes at the beginning of career and first met the record producer when he was a small child.

Speaking on White Wine Question Time with Kate Thornton he said: ‘I tell this story in my book that when Mike became my manager in 1973 and Lynne and I were about to get married – my first wife, Lynne – we were excited that Mike had become my manager’.

‘She said, ‘let’s drive past his house’ because he lived on Queens Drive in Liverpool, we passed, and the curtains were open, and I went, “look, there he is”, and we saw Mike Hughes picking up a little child and swinging the child around’.

‘Lynne, later, after a lot of things had happened in my life said to me, “Just think, if we’d known then, had somebody tapped on our shoulders as we were sat in the front of the car and said to us then that you two are going to marry next year, but your marriage won’t last, and you Les will marry a younger woman who will one day then marry the child that is being swung around in that room’.

Les was married to Lynn from 1974-1990 and with whom he shares son Phillip, before going on to wed Claire Nicholson in 2009 and welcoming two children.

Last month Les said he had forgiven ex-wife Amanda Holden for cheating on him during their marriage.

After five years together it emerged the couple had gone their separate ways amid Amanda’s much publicised affair with actor Neil Morrissey, 60.

Les has now opened up about his feelings towards his ex in a new interview, saying that he is ‘happy that she’s happy’.

Shock: It comes after Amanda’s ex Les Dennis recalled the surprising first time he laid eyes on her second husband Chris as a small child (Amanda and Les pictured at their 1995 wedding)

Speaking to The Times, he said: ‘Amanda was in the papers recently, saying some nice things about me. That was very kind of her. 

‘Maybe with time she has been able to look back and see things differently. We’re not in touch but I am happy that she’s happy.’

He added: ‘I can watch Britain’s Got Talent without getting angry. To be honest it’s like watching a different person, someone I’ve never met.’

Les concluded: ‘All the hurt that has happened has been healed.’ 

The pair began their dalliance when they worked together on 2000 film Happy Birthday Shakespeare, with Amanda later admitting their relationship was just about ‘sex’.

At the time, many speculated as to whether it was the age gap between Amanda and Les that caused their problems.

And while Amanda and Les later reconciled before finally splitting in 2002, she recently insisted that she has no idea if she was looking for a father figure in the funnyman.

She told The Times: ‘I don’t know because I’ve never done therapy, but there is a sort of safety in a relationship like that.

‘I was very young and I had a lot to learn about life.’

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