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CREAMY mashed potato is the ultimate side dish – but it can also be quite challenging to get it spot on.

After all, no-one wants flavourless or lumpy mash, right?

Well, luckily for you, a food pro has revealed the best way to make mashed potatoes.

And it turns out we’ve all be making a big mistake, as according to this expert, we need to stop boiling our spuds in water if we want it to be extra creamy – yes, you heard that correctly. 

According to this whizz, if you want to make the best mashed potatoes, you need to boil your potatoes in milk.

Rosie Gill, director of Milk Street Cooking School, took to social media to share her mashed potatoes recipe – leaving many open-mouthed.

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She explained that it’s time to stop boiling your potatoes in water – as you’ll need to use milk instead. 

She revealed: “We simmer your mashed potatoes in milk, not water! And here’s why.

“Potatoes are like pasta, they release starches into their cooking liquid. 

“That becomes liquid gold – allowing us to get lush, silky, creamy, mashed potatoes.

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“When you throw out water that you cook your potatoes in, you throw all that starch down the drain, so you’re wasting it.

“The milk becomes our cooking liquid – and a replacement for heavy cream.”

As she showed off her finished side dish, she added: “We just mash the potatoes directly in the pot – no mixer needed.

“And that is how we get still creamy, but not too heavy, mashed potatoes.” 

Rosie later confirmed: “In the case of pasta, you want to reserve some of that liquid to give the sauce a luscious shine and bind it to the noodles. 

“In mashed potatoes, cooking in milk, and preserving that starchy liquid, gives your potatoes a natural creaminess and allows you to skip the weighty heavy cream.” 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @177milkstreet, has clearly left many stunned, as it was shared just one day ago, but has quickly gone viral and has racked up a staggering 3.3 million views.  

But social media users were divided at the cooking tip – while some were impressed, not everyone was as keen.

One person said: “Awesome tip! I’m married to this from now on!” 

Another added: “Brilliant.” 

A third commented: “Genius.”

Whilst another food fan beamed: “Great idea.” 

However, not everyone was impressed with the foodie’s hack and many revealed that they didn’t actually think her mash looked that great. 

One user claimed: “Tried it – weird mush. Prefer chicken broth or chicken stock with water.” 

A second penned: “Looks v lumpy.” 

Someone else chimed in: “They don't look smooth though.”

Whilst another wrote: “That mash looks way too wet.” 

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