You've been making Christmas drink all wrong as Cadbury revelation leaves fans SHOOK | The Sun

WITH the colder weather in full swing, many will be turning to hot drinks to keep them warm.

One favourite is of course hot chocolates.

Major brand Cadbury has now revealed that in a shocking twist, people have been making their cosy drink all wrong.

The company took to Instagram to share a look at a recipe for the ultimate cosy hot chocolate.

The team decided to make a pumpkin spice hot chocolate, showing viewers a step-by-step on how they could achieve it.

Cadbury Ireland wrote: "It's officially cosy night-in season."

At the beginning of the video, a black and white polka dot mug can be seen.

The person then pours in the milk first before adding in the chocolate.

The video notes that the first step to creating the perfect hot chocolate is to heat up the milk.

They then add a spoonful of pumpkin spice syrup to the warm milk.

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And then they add in three spoonfuls of the hot chocolate powder – in a move that has fans shocked.

The poster then stirs the hot chocolate before topping it with whipped cream.

They then sprinkle some of the hot chocolate powder on the top.

The final result is a super cosy-looking hot drink that would be sure to warm you up on cold days.

Viewers flooded to the comments to share their opinion on the way the drink was made.

Foodie Garron Noone said: "The chocolate goes after the liquid, I’m shook".

And Cadbury replied: "A shocking statement to suggest putting the chocolate before the milk".

Others tagged their friends in the comment section to share the video with them.

And Irish people have also been left seriously divided over a new Cadbury chocolate bar.

One foodie has taken to TikTok to share a look at the new Twirl Honeycomb Sundae flavour – and revealed his honest opinion.

Garron wrote: "Leave me alone Twirl."

He can be seen in front of a green screen picture of Twirl bars.

The TikToker adds: "Twirl is trying too f*****g hard at this point."

He shows the new Twirl Honeycomb Sundae flavour, saying: "Literally leave me alone Twirl.

"There's a new flavour of Twirl every four seconds at this point."

The bars appear to be in shops now, but Garron isn't impressed.

He said: "It's giving such desperate vibes…"

Hilariously, he says that if you were to send a text to Twirl it would remain on seen, with them never closing the chat.

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He adds: "They're just there smiling at your old messages."

In a direct call out to the confectionary brand, Garron concludes by saying: "Twirl, it's creepy, leave us alone."

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