We cover our house in Christmas lights every year but have been forced to take them because of Scrooge neighbours | The Sun

A COUPLE have been left furious after they were forced to take down they bright Christmas Decorations already.

Jamie and Laeticia Lehman, from Brisbane Australia have spend thousands over the years on decorations for the outside of their house and garden.

But the fun was put to an end when they were told to take the decorations down by the council after two complaints.

The impressive display featured rows of multi-coloured signs, giant blow-up snowmen, huge reindeer and enough to send the electricity bill through the roof.

But it was all too much, as far as Brisbane City Council were concerned, and they shut down the mega display before the festive season even really began.

In a now viral TikTok clip, Jamie raged: "No Christmas this year. I’m done. I’m sick and tired of this f***** bull****.”



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“One person gets away with f***** shutting the whole f***** thing down.”

He added: "We can all thank the f***ing a** grinch for f***ing it up."

Speaking to 9NEWS, the homeowner said the decorations completely take over the inside of his home when they're not on display.

"I don't consider ourselves living in a house, I consider ourselves living in a storage unit," he said.

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The couple have completely filled their two spare bedrooms with decorations, and their dining room even has huge reindeer ornaments in it year-round.

They've put on the display for three years straight and despite most of the neighbours seeming to love it they'll be fined over £400 per day if the decorations stay up.

Jamie and Laeticia's display extends past their front garden and on to the footpath, which is something that's allowed by the council as long as they rules are followed.

One of those rules is that there is still enough space for pedestrians, including wheelchair users, to use the footpath, but since Jamie made his own diverted footpath through his front garden someone submitted a complaint.

Jamie said the notice from the council annoyed him so much he was going to take everything down, but after other Christmas fans from the area reached out and offered support, he's decided to try and challenge the decision instead.

Councillor Kim Marx told 9NEWS: "Council did not advise this resident to completely remove their display bit did require a minor adjustment so other residents could safely park and exit their cars.

"It was the resident's decision not to make these adjustments.

"Council is not looking to issue a fine at this stage and wants to work with the resident to create a safe display."

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