Travis Kelce's 'sloppy' fashion is 'laughable,' he looks like a 70s playboy and I 'caught him in a lie,' expert says | The Sun

TRAVIS Kelce’s flamboyant fashion has been whipping up intrigue like his fast-paced relationship with pop star, Taylor Swift.

But after the NFL star revealed his busy shopping and dressing habits, a style expert has called him out as a "cheat."

Travis, 34 told the Wall Street Journal that he takes three hours to get dressed and has a bedroom brim full of clothes.

“I kind of enjoy the creative process of the panic to just throw something together,” he said in an October interview.

Travis added: "It is what it is, I’m gonna have fun with it.” 

Despite wearing an array of expensive designer brands, Travis shut down the idea he uses a stylist.

He told Complex: “I swear, man. I will say this, I’ll know I have a bunch of stuff in the closet that is – I don’t have a stylist."

Image consultant Amanda Sanders said the footballer was “cheating” and disputes the pair's claims in more ways than one.

In an exclusive interview, Sanders told The U.S. Sun: “Despite Travis saying he does not work with a stylist, he must have an assistant who helps him.

“A lot of celebrities that I work with do not want me to say that I work with them.

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"This is what Travis might have been doing.

“It is like cheating. It would also have been cheating if he then said he had a stylist.

"Saying that, he could be much more pulled together if he worked with somebody properly.

"Some of his outfits are laughable, very oversized, which tends to look sloppy.

"Travis also has more facial hair than normal which is also sexier than his moustache.

"That is 70s porn star or like 70s playboy."

Danielle Salzedo, the strategy head at A&A Management Group was last week unmasked as Travis' stand-in stylist.

She told US Weekly: "He dedicates time to buying online, so he knows what’s out there and what’s new."

Sanders said it makes sense, as the Kansas City Chiefs player would struggle to buy clothes on his own – due to his six-foot-five, 260-pound frame.

“Somebody has to be the liaison because Travis is not walking into Bloomingdale's and finding something off the rack," she said.

“There is no way given his size. Some of his clothes are custom-made.

"Designers only cut them up to a 44 or a 46 and Travis is much bigger.

"This also means his wardrobe needs to be planned the season before and everything would be picked out.

"Travis says he buys a lot online and is an 'impulse buyer.'

“He could find bits and pieces online, but only accessories and his bags.

"For shoes, again stores only go up to size 12 and 13.

"Travis is probably bigger than that.

"Online shopping would be too difficult.

"It would be impossible to find shoes and clothes that fit him."

Travis has divided fans with his outfits since his relationship with Taylor began.

September saw the NFL legend leave Arrowhead Stadium with the Cruel Summer hitmaker for the first time.

Travis was dressed in a baggy blue and white denim two-piece.

One fan asked on X: "Has he been painting the house?"

Amanda said Travis opted for the wrong colors. She claimed his pants were too big.

“Travis tries to emulate rap stars or maybe some of the other football players who can pull this off," she said.

“Here is a huge white guy so a lot of the things he picks to wear do not translate to a Midwestern football player.

“I do not believe he is fashion-educated and is not going on what looks good for him.

“Here is a guy who spends his life working out and is fit, his body's probably really fit.

"Sometimes he gets it right, but he needs a proper styling team."

Sanders suggested ill-fitted pants made his legs look “a bit short and stubby."

She said: “He needs to reign in the colors or at least have them for the appropriate time and place.

"Travis is an adorable guy and he is trying but a lot of these fashions are not meant for his shape and size.

"Travis looks a bit shorter and stubbier.

“I would have his clothes tailored better and mix them up to make them look good.

"An outfit is probably two separate pieces to wear separately.

"He also needs a cooler haircut. 

"It looks like he buzzes it himself and is a bit dated. "

Sanders continued: “Travis is spending quite a lot of money on clothes.

"He wears these nice labels so would be getting in a lot of special orders with designers.

“He is comfortable in his skin, which is awesome and he is trying out different looks because he is fun. 

“I like his glasses.

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"Travis is trying to be young and relevant, but he is a big dude so needs to consider that.

"The brown suit he wore on SNL for example, looked terrible."

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