My DIY hack will keep mice away without laying traps – it's a great way to make them stay out of your garage | The Sun

As the weather cools down, critters and creepy crawlies make their way inside your walls to stay warm and safe for the season.

No one wants mice, rats, and other creatures living rent-free in their home.

But if you're not willing to put down poison or aggressive traps, it can be hard to know what your options are.

One influencer has found a humane do-it-yourself solution.

Kate (@plant.based.kate) shares videos about her plant-based lifestyle with her 1890 followers.

She believes in whole foods and natural remedies and has discovered an ingenious and budget-friendly method to keep mice off your property.

The influencer shared her tips in a recent clip.

She showed viewers a plastic storage box that she planned on keeping in her garage and wanted to keep mice away from.

Kate said: "If you want to store stuff in your garage or somewhere outside and you don't want to put mice traps down, you should try this."

Holding a box of dryer sheets, she continued: "Just put one dryer sheet in your box and the mice will not touch it."

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While the plant-based advocate didn't say why this worked, it could be that the strong scent of the dryer sheet deterred the rodents.

Kate said: "This is an ethical way to get rid of mice without having to put traps down."

Her TikTok also offered other tips on keeping other pests away.

In another video, Kate recommends spreading a mint-scented lotion such as Vicks VapoRub on window frames and doorframes.

She said that the mint scent keeps spiders away as they don't like the smell.

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