Kate Middleton’s pal and owner of sex-party firm launches racy adult dating app – and she says there’ll be NO judgement | The Sun

PRINCESS Kate’s friend and sex-party company founder Emma Sayle has launched a raunchy new dating app.

The Killing Kittens creator has revealed the new adult dating venture, which will allow spicy dealings online “without any kind of shame or guilt or judgement”.

Emma, 42, is a school friend of the Princess of Wales and set up Killing Kittens, which organises high-end sex parties, back in 2005 for women to freely explore their sexuality.

On the back of its bumper success, with the business now valued at £15m, Emma is launching a dating app called WeAreX.

She hopes it will become the “Auto Trader” of online dating. 

"It's a whole ecosystem for your adult life,” the entrepreneur says.

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“We've got a Rolls-Royce offline brand, now we're building Auto Trader."

The app will feature chat rooms where people can discuss their intimate relationships with one another. 

"There are so many blockers when it comes to adult anything," Emma tells The Telegraph. 

"We've watched [adult] influencers and luxury brands all having the same problem – brands that they can't push out on social media.

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"So one of the things we've built into this platform is a big advertising revenue platform."

Emma hopes the saucy app will tempt brands such as Agent Provocateur to advertise on it.

Killing Kittens is aiming to secure up to £5m in a fundraising round that will start within weeks.

Interestingly, Killing Kittens is partly owned by the taxpayer after it took out a £170k loan from a Government start-up scheme during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a result of the loan, the taxpayer owns 1.5% of the business after it raised £1m last year, according to Companies House. 

It was initially marketed towards middle class women but has gained popularity in various communities. 

Organisers hire out hotels, manor houses and mansions across the world for the brand’s adult parties and “orgies”.

Killing Kittens claims to be the only platform “where you can feel free to express your true sexual self” – something that Emma now hopes to replicate on the internet through WeAreX.

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