I've got big boobies but found 3 bralettes that give me amazing support – one's like a weighted blanket for my breasts | The Sun

A WOMAN with "big boobies" has revealed the three wireless bralettes she swears by.

Carly regularly shares tips for well-endowed women on her social media pages, and recently posted a video of herself modelling her top three bralettes – all of which offer her support without an underwire.

"These are my top three favorite bralettes for big boobies right now," she said in the TikTok clip.

"I feel like we've tried so many and these are the ones that I reach for constantly so let's get into it."

The first is the SKIMS Sculpting Bralette.

"It's technically shapewear but this is my favourite one right now," Carly said.

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"Funny enough, I actually bought this a few months ago when I did A another video trying skims and I returned it cause I wasn't sure and I did not stop thinking about it.

"So I bought it again and honestly I have worn it like almost every single day since I got it!

"When it is dirty and it is in the wash I miss it.

"I joked in another video that it's like a weighted blanket for your ti**ies but because it's technically shape wear you just feel so secure and supported in it.

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"Plus like everything just like looks nice," she said of the figure the bralette gives her.

Next up was a Parade number.

"There's the reason why I love this one so much," she said.

"First of all, it is like ridiculously soft – I don't know that I've ever felt something as soft as this material.

"Also, for a while I was really into the Calvin Klein ones – they never really fit me right but like I wanted them to work.

"This one is like the Calvin Klein one that fits right, you know what I mean?

"It's a similar kind of sports bra like shape but it is so comfortable I'm in it – it fits around the band and the straps fit."

But Carly's top pick is actually another SKIMS choice – their cotton jersey scoop.

"Honestly this one has been one of my favourites for the last like year," she said.

"As soon as I got it, I knew that my life was changed.

"I joke that it's like a training bra for adults, but like I mean that in the best way possible

"What could be bad about just sitting at home on the couch in a training bra, that sounds amazing to me!"

In addition, she also wears the bra as a top, with "some cute high waisted pants".

"I've done that many times," she said.

And people in the comments section praised Carly for sharing her product recommendations.

"This is so helpful, thanks!" one wrote.

"I just bought 2 of the sculpting bralette because of you," another added.

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"Good to know about the parade bra!" a third commented.

"I am always skeptical about brands that advertise as much as they do, so good to hear it’s actually good quality."

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