I’ve found my new favourite perfume – it smells so expensive but is a £16 dupe of the posh versions from Prada and Dior | The Sun

A HIGH-STREET perfume has been doing the rounds on social media after shoppers discovered how expensive it smells.

The £16 scent has been likened to luxury products created by Dior and Prada – but it’s actually Avon’s Far Away Beyond The Moon. 

Influencer Leanne Chapman gained over three million views on her blind test TikTok video after she made her husband guess how much the perfume cost. 

And he was far off the mark, assuming it cost over £60. 

“I have a new favourite perfume and I was really, really surprised at who it was by,” Leanne says. 

“I was really shocked. I feel like perfume is very expensive these days.”

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Searches for “affordable perfumes that smell expensive” went up by 100% over the last year, according to Avon.

Its Far Away Beyond The Moon scent is “inspired by the mystery of the moon” and was created in collaboration with fragrance house Givaudan. 

Givaudan’s perfumers are known for creating iconic fragrances such as J’adore by Dior and Paradoxe by Prada to name but a few.

Avon’s perfume has a white floral scent powered by Belle de Nuit, a nocturnal flower that blooms in the moonlight. 

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It includes top notes of sparkling Wild Cherry Essence and heart notes of a glowing Water Fruits Accord.

As a perfume, the scent has been developed with a higher concentration of fragrance oil.

Avon bosses say this means that just a few spritzes will last as long as your designer buys.

A top tip to make your fragrance last even longer is to layer your fragrance with the matching body lotion from the same line to help lock in the scent.

The matching body lotion is just £5, while you can nab a mini version of the perfume for £6 to carry around in your handbag. 

The only catch is that you’ll have to find an Avon representative to purchase the fragrance, as it's not available in stores.

“I have this,” one woman commented on Leanne’s video. “It smells amazing.”

“This is my favourite perfume ever,” another affirmed.

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