I’m a ‘stay-at-home daughter’ – I blow thousands a DAY on daddy’s cards splurging on Michelin meals & Cartier jewellery | The Sun

A PROUD "stay-at-home daughter" has found fame after sharing a sneak peek at the extravagant life her dad's credit cards afford.

Chloe Liem, a TikTok creator from Singapore, spends thousands of dollars a day on luxury products and Michelin-star meals.

In one clip, the social media star showed off her $6,100 (£3,700) Van Cleef bracelet and, in others, multiple $3,000 (£1,800) Goyard tote bags.

She said it was an ordinary day when she spent $5,075 (£3,000) "as a stay-at-home daughter" by accident: "I started off the morning at Cartier with zero intention of spending any money.

"I promise I just wanted to restring my bracelet which is technically free but obviously one thing led to another, and next thing I knew I was spending 5k on a pair of earrings."

The video then showed her at a "casual" lunch with four of her friends at Imperial Treasure, a Michelin-star fine-dining restaurant, which cost a cool $800 (£480).

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Over the course of the day, the cheapest thing she purchased were $25 (£15) desserts from Marmalade Pantry.

She ended the video saying, "I took my parents' car so I'm counting it as free, along with everything else I spent because I charge everything to my dad's credit card."

The occupation of "stay-at-home daughter" may not always have been one people aspired to, but it is clear Liem's 245,000-plus followers are dazzled by her lifestyle.

One user commented: "Where do I apply to be a rich stay at home daughter."

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Another wrote: "Earrings from cartier, nothing too crazy. I live for your life and commentary."

Someone else said: "I wanna be a stay at home daughter when I grow up."

Leaning into the obvious interest in her life, Liem created a "starter pack" for stay-at-home daughters.

She said: "A loaded father is a non-negotiable if you want to be a stay-at-home daughter. Think: a big-shot real estate mogul, finance bro, or if you're a little bit more mysterious he just works for the family business.

"You obviously went to private school where you mingled with other nepo baby friends and, if mummy and daddy didn't have enough time for you, they shipped you off to a boarding school in Switzerland."

She went on to detail the "rich girl" bracelets, holiday homes, superyachts, ski lodges, and "side kick" small dogs a stay-at-home daughter should have.

The university student continued: "And last but not least, you study at an Ivy League school that your grandfather probably donated a library to, to just get you in.

"When you're not studying, you spend your days frolicking around the mall because my money is mine and daddy's money is ours."

Photos on Liem's Instagram offer a closer look at her life of luxury, featuring a small dog in an Hermès handbag, a Louis Vuitton purse, cake from a Ralph Lauren coffee shop, views in Saint-Tropez, and plenty of shopping bags.

Last year, another self-described stay-at-home daughter revealed how she spent up to £40,000 of her parents' money.

Roma Abdesselam has more than 657,000 followers on TikTok, where she regularly posts videos showcasing her extravagant lifestyle.

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Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, she said: "Taking care of yourself as a woman is a job in itself.

"I have no idea how women have 9-5 jobs and then manage to get any procedures done – that for me is a 9-5."

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