I'm a real-life Rapunzel and even use my hair as a SCARF in winter – the length of time it takes to dry is crazy | The Sun

A REAL-life Rapunzel has hair so long that she uses it as a SCARF in winter.

Stunning Jasmine Larsen’s red mane measures more than four feet and has led to her becoming one of the UK’s biggest haircare influencers.

The biochemistry graduate, from Bristol, reckons there’s lot of benefits to having such luscious locks.

But at this time of year, there’s no bigger boost than it keeping her neck covered. 

She said: “In the winter, you can use your hair as a scarf. 

“I literally wrap it around my neck to keep me warm.”

But that’s not the only benefit of her hair.

Jasmine adds: “It forces you to become more patient and resilient. 

“Caring for such long hair requires consistency and a strong mind set. 

“It also you become more ambidextrous when doing hairstyles on your own.

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“And long hair is a major sign of health and femininity. It  helps you stand out.”

However, having such long hair isn’t always perfect.

The model admits there’s occasions when her trademark look causes problems.

She explains: “It takes really long to dry. For me, this can take the whole day if I'm doing it the healthy way. 

“Hairstyles take longer to do on your own. And you can't wear your hair down comfortably. 

“You’re constantly worrying about it getting stuck somewhere or becoming tangled. 

“Hence why I braid my hair every day.”

Jasmine previously told how men constantly propose because of her hair.

She’s inundated with weird and wonderful offers from her admirers – such as one man who offered £250k for her to cut her hair off and send it to him,

But it’s the amount of fellas who want to marry her that shocks Jasmine most.

The social media star, who sells her own hair accessories, Lars Haircare, says: “Generally speaking, men find women more attractive with longer hair. 

“Mine is both long, thick and red so the attraction is heightened. 

“My body shape and sense of style may contribute to this attraction as well.

“Marriage proposals were non-stop. I still receive them but they’re not as frequent as they used to be.

“I made several IG stories telling men to stop sending such proposals. 

“I was very flattered at first but then it became tiresome, and I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.”

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