I'm a pro makeup artist – my 'mature skin survival guide' at 40 features a daily essential for under-eye bags | The Sun

A MAKEUP expert has been praised after sharing her essential skincare tips for women over 40. 

Erica Taylor (@ericataylor2347) said women need to overhaul their beauty routine as they age to maintain a youthful appearance.

She has gained a staggering 1.1 million followers on TikTok from sharing the lessons learned during her 25 years working in the cosmetics industry.

Erica took to the social media platform to share her “maturing makeup survival guide.”

Wearing a sheet mask around her eyes, she said: “Nobody ever told us certain things that were going to happen as we approached 40s, 50s, beyond to our skin and what we would need to do different to our makeup.

“Just like no one told us that when we sneeze we would pee and at about 45 you can’t see anything, you need readers all over your house.

“It’s like an Easter egg hunt of readers. But let’s talk about the makeup.

“First of all eye masking every day will significantly decrease your puffiness and darkness.”

Peeling off her mask, she continued: “This is Dennis Gross, those can be pricey.”

She held up a cheaper alternative eye mask from Patchology while reassuring her viewers that the price doesn’t matter as long as they use one every day.

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Erica said: “My cousin started doing this in her seventies and I have noticed a significant decrease in her puffiness and darkness.

“It works at any age. It’s a cumulative eye masking to help with crepey on the lids and puffiness and darkness.

“Next, before your concealer, you must use the right prep. Like an eye balm or an eye oil. 

“There’s lots of different price ranges, I’m not trying to sell you a product I’m telling you the s**t we need that will make our concealer not look crepey.

“Let’s talk eye serums. If you want to preserve the texture of the lid you need eye serums that can go 360 around the lid.

“One of my favorites is the L’Oreal Revitalift. It doesn’t have to be a million dollars, you can use more expensive or less.

“But you must eye serum so it doesn’t look like tissue paper and your makeup will go on smoother.

“If your foundation looks crusty you have to exfoliate the dead skin.

“As we get more mature our skin doesn’t do that for itself anymore. 

“Our skin cycle that was 28 days has now moved to 60 or 90 days, so we have to expedite the process.

“These are my favorite because they’re gentle, they are the First Aid Radiant Beauty pads.

“Something to gently exfoliate the skin before you put on your treatment and foundation so your skin doesn’t look crusty.

“No makeup no matter how cheap or expensive will look good on dead skin.”

After wiping her face with the pads, Erica applied an eye balm she bought from Dollar Tree to her under-eye areas and said eye oil could be used alternatively.

She continued: “Just because your concealer is light it won’t make you look more awake.

“If our concealer is too light we actually look more puffy and more tired.

“Have your concealer just match your skin and not go super light.”

The makeup artist accidentally applied too much concealer to her face as she rushed to demonstrate the tip.

She held her hand up to her cheek as she started to show the best way to contour. 

She said: “If you contour too low you’re going to look hollow and also like you have a sideburn.

“So you contour on the bone and you always put your hand right there then go over the bone, on and a little higher.

“You will get more of a lifted shape.

“Basically wherever you're putting your makeup someone should’ve told us when you hit 40 move everything up about a half inch.

“Including the eye shadow, everything has to go higher than you think.

“In your thirties, forties, fifties, or whenever your skin starts to change. 

“The rules of the game of makeup start to change and as we know I have been doing it for many years.

“I’ll help you along the process, somebody should’ve told us but now I will. Let’s go!”

Viewers were grateful for the advice and the video quickly racked up over 7,800 likes. 

One person wrote: “Love your demo. I turned 50 and these tips help a lot.”

Another commented: “We all need this survival guide.”


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A third said: “I LOVE this. Showing us the right and wrong way to do it and laughing along with it. You are awesome.”

A fourth added: “I’m so happy you’re on here giving us all the wisdom! Love it. Thank you!”

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