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A WOMAN has revealed that she got more than she bargained for after going to a scary corn maze for Halloween.

Laura Wood, from the US, claims she was stabbed by a 'scare' actor in the maze resulting in lifetime of trauma for her.

Sharing her story on TikTok, Laura revealed that the incident happened several years ago and has been put off Halloween for good.

Laura ended up being stabbed in the arm while in the maze with her friend and refers to herself as 'Miss Stabby' on social media.

The young woman has posted many videos on the ordeal, claiming she is now suffering from “a lifetime of phantom pains and ptsd,” while the worker “only got community service.”

To Laura's astonishment, the young man even asked her out on a date a few years later after claiming her face 'looked familiar.'

“Should’ve seen the light drain from his face when I told him why I looked familiar,” she wrote.

Laura has uploaded a video of her discussing the details of the night in which she and her friend went into the corn maze for the last time.

She revealed she was already well and truly scared thanks to the actors but did one more round for her friend's birthday when the attack happened.

Laura was disoriented by the strobe lights and fake screams happening in the corn maze when she heard a snap.

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She then felt what she described as a “warm wetness” dripping down her body and that she soon realised this was her own blood.

“I looked at my hand while the strobe lights were happening, ’cause I had no idea what was going on. I had no idea why my hands were wet, and the strobe lights, at some point, were white, so I was able to see that there was blood on my hand,” she said.

At the time, her friend thought her cries for help were a prak – which they had been doing to each other all night.

But she soon realised it was no joke when she turned her flashlight on and saw Laura's blood.

The giant gash on her upper arm left a trail of blood – leading one actor to break character and help her out of the maze to the ambulance.

The corn maze owner apparently headed to the hospital with Laura telling doctors they had no idea how the incident happened and speculate it was a tree branch.

But Laura claimed the doctors said it was impossible due to how deep it went.

A few days later they headed back to the maze with police who concluded it was a nail or a tree that caused the injury.

But Laura was soon contacted by one of the actors who saw the whole thing play out and claimed she was stabbed.

The young boy had dressed up as the Joker on the night – and later did community service after courts ruled it an accident.

Laura was moving on with her life until one day he walked right up to her at a church dance.

Although she said she tried avoiding him, the young man allegedly took her hand anyway and tried to get her to dance with him.

She said he asked her a bunch of questions about her personal life. “If you accidentally did it, don’t you think you’d have a lifetime full of guilt and shame?” she questioned in the video.

Laura said the guy asked her for her number and told her she looked familiar, and she didn't hesitate to tell him why.

While she didn’t feel the stab when it occurred, the phantom pains from the wound still haunt her today.

The clips posted to her TikTok account @llauraaawood have gone viral with over 7million views.

People were stunned by Laura's story and many vowed to stay away from the Halloween activities.

One person wrote: "I’m never going to another haunted house."

Another commented: "Never going to haunted anything ever again."

"This is why I don’t go," penned a third.

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Someone else added: "This is why I don’t do haunted houses fr I just don’t trust it."

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