I turned my sleeve into a blackout tattoo – I love it but trolls say it was the worst idea I ever had | The Sun

A TATTOO fan has risked the ire of trolls thanks to her new ink art.

She turned her sleeve design into a blackout tattoo.

But keyboard warriors have expressed their dissatisfaction.

They figured it was the worst idea she ever had.

But they might just as well have talked to her hand because this lady wasn't listening.

Ceci (@ceciliacowher), who has 37,000 followers, was thrilled with her new look.

She couldn't care less what her detractors thought.

“Me thinking that a blackout sleeve would be fun," she said in her post.

This design required Ceci to spend hours in the tattoo studio.

It was also quite a painful experience.

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These were her only regrets – not the design itself.

“And that’s when it hit me. That’s the best idea in my entire life,” she wrote.

Trolls had to plow in with their uninvited opinions and she regarded them witheringly.

“That’s the worst idea you had in your entire life," said one.

Another's reaction was: “On the bright side, blackout tattoos look really really stupid.”

But there was a lot of love for her blackout sleeve from fans and her video attracted over 58,000 likes.

Commenters showed their appreciation.

“People with blackout sleeves are 10,000 times more attractive," said this fan.

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Another said: “I have a half blackout sleeve and I have no regrets.”

And a third person liked it too: “Maybe painful but so bad a**."

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