I spent over £1k on my hair but I’ve been left with a mohawk…it’s a disaster, everyone says I should sue the hairdresser | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she spent more than £1,000 on her hair, but it was a total disaster.

Beauty fan Andrea, 25, explained that not only has bleach severely damaged her hair, but her locks are now in such a fragile state, that she has been left with a mohawk.

Sharing the blunder on social media, Andrea noted: “POV: You spent almost $1,300 [£1,040] on your hair and this is your hair two months later, and your hairstylist doesn’t care.” 

She then said: “Literally crying right now. There is so much to this story.

“I went for my regular root retouch and mind you my appointment took forever to come because she is very booked, but I thought I would be okay because I have had longer regrowth and I was fine.

“I think the issue is that she put bleach all over my hair, root to end.

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“Three days later my extensions started falling [out] and [my] hair felt gummy, and I had a little mohawk at the top of my head.

“Two months later this is what I have.”

At the start of the clip, the make-up artist shared a mirror selfie, showing off her beautiful hair prior to the hairdresser appointment.

She had long, blonde hair, with light pink roots.

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However, seconds later, Andrea posted a video of her hair, just six weeks after the appointment.

Not only was her hair bright red, but it was incredibly short and visibly damaged, with a lot of breakage present. 

Andrea later explained: “I’ve been using [extensions] for three years now, and been fine.

“This time I tried her tape ins and as she was putting them off they kept slipping off.

“She didn’t even know why they were slipping off. They didn’t even last one month and they are supposed to last three or more months.

“Also her hair [extension] quality was so bad! They would get so frizzy and I would have balls of knots in just a few minutes after doing my hair.” 

She then added: “She didn’t fix it, she messed up my hair.

“It’s really hard. I’ve never thought I’d be in this situation.

“I cry almost everyday about it, especially when I have to go out.” 

The TikTok clip, which was shared under the username @makeupbyloveandrea, has clearly left many stunned, as it has quickly gone viral and has since amassed a staggering 1.2 million views. 

Social media users were open-mouthed at the hair fail and many encouraged Andrea to sue the stylist. 

One person said: “Please make a lawsuit! You deserve better.”

Another added: “The way I would cry and sue.”

A third commented: “I’d be taking her to court for sure. Absolutely not ok!!!” 

At the same time, many beauty fans took to the comments to share their advice on how to resolve the situation.

One woman advised: “Keep doing masks. no heat. Slick your hair back.” 

Whilst a second chimed in: “Try the Mielle rosemary oil! It’s so good. It helped my hair grow so much!” 

Another user recommended: “I’d recommend ordering a k18 set or a set of Olaplex.”

According to Philip Kingsley, it’s no secret that bleaching damages hair, but by adopting the right preventative steps, you can keep your hair healthy, hydrated and looking its best if you do decide to go lighter.

Bleach strips the pigment from your hair shaft through the process of oxidation and hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are the most commonly used bleaching agents.

Bleaching raises your hair’s outer cuticle to allow the bleaching agent to fully penetrate, but repeated bleaching can permanently raise your cuticle, which allows rapid and continuous loss of moisture from your strands.

While all bleaching agents have a damaging effect on your hair’s protein structure, this is intensified each time the process is undertaken. 

If you bleach your hair, you should use a bond repairing treatment, to strengthen existing bonds while reconnecting broken ones.

You should also use a deep-conditioning treatment, to add shine, manageability and bounce to the locks. 


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Not only this, but to help prevent breakage, you must gently detangle bleached hair, starting from the ends and gradually working up to your roots.

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