I had no money or qualifications but married a millionaire – he buys me houses & a pet cheetah but trolls call me a brat | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she didn’t get a university degree and had no money, but has now totally changed her life around.

Linda Andrade, 24, who is originally from Los Angeles, met her now-husband Ricky, when she was just 19.

Three years later, the pair were engaged and now she lives the ultimate lavish life. 

Known online as the ‘Original Dubai Housewife’, Linda now lives in Dubai with her millionaire man, and is treated to not only designer jewellery and lavish meals out, but cheetahs as pets and any houses she wants.

But mean trolls are gobsmacked at Linda’s lifestyle – and many called her ‘fake’ and even went as far to label her a ‘brat’. 

Opening up about her lifestyle on social media, in one clip, Linda revealed that she had no degree and no cash before she met her millionaire man.

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She claimed that people would often ask her: “What are you going to do with no degree and no money?”

To this, Linda then confirmed: “Marry a man with no degree and lots of money, duh.”

We then saw Linda holding her husband’s hand, as she wore a glamorous outfit, matched with a gold Chanel bag.

As the couple headed off towards the lit-up influencer city, Linda added: “No degree millionaires are better than the graduated ones.” 

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In another video, Linda revealed the “best things about being with a millionaire.” 

Not only does she have a pet cheetah, but she also claimed that her husband “apologises with gifts and money” as we saw the brunette beauty carrying a large bouquet of pink roses and a Louis Vuitton shopping bag.

Linda then filmed herself in the mirror, wearing a gorgeous white and gold outfit, with a gold Chanel bag, a Van Cleef & Arpels necklace and a stack of Cartier bracelets, as she added that her man “makes sure I always look expensive.”

The housewife then claimed that her man has also “blocked all female friends” on social media, so she doesn’t have to worry about what he’s up to online.

If that wasn’t enough, she also claimed that her husband buys her “properties and stocks.”

Finally, Linda explained that the couple regularly go out for dinner and drinks, and as a result of his wealth, there’s no scrimping on their order.

Linda claimed that her man orders her “every drink so I don’t have to decide” as we then saw her table full of cocktails. 

Reflecting on her lavish life, Linda wrote: “Millionaires are the best.” 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @lionlindaa, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it was shared just six hours ago, but has already amassed 34,300 views.

But social media users were left divided at Linda’s clip – while some were impressed with her lavish lifestyle, mean trolls weren’t so kind.

One user explained: “Manifesting this life for myself.”

While a second chimed in: “How fun!”

However, at the same time, the mean trolls were out in full force.

One person said: “Brat.” 

Another added: “Fake.” 

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A third commented: “You are a walking red flag.” 

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