I got a huge knife tattoo on my hand and regretted it within a day – it's the wrong way round & looks like it's leaking | The Sun

A BODY art enthusiast has vented her frustration after getting a tattoo that she instantly regretted. 

She decided to get the inking after being impressed with a design that her friend received from the same artist. 

Malana (@malyev) has garnered over 28,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares her love of makeup.

She took to the social media platform to complain about an “awful” tattoo that she admitted to regretting less than a day after she got it. 

Malana said: “I’m on the sixth day of it healing and if you thought it couldn’t get any worse you’re wrong.

“I just took this picture. Take a good look because you can count at least three blowouts.

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“The ink is coming out on the handle and on the blade. 

“The shading has completely gone down. You can tell on the tip of the knife that something f**king happened up there too.”

She showed a snap of the cartoon-style knife tattoo that had visibly shaky lines and blotches of ink where there shouldn’t be any.

She said that she had been cleaning the artwork regularly with antibacterial soap but it isn’t healing the same as her other tattoos.

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Malana asked for suggestions on how she could cover the inking. 

She said: “I plan on just getting some traditional flowers and wrapping it around but if anyone else has any other ideas I’m open.”

In a follow-up video, she revealed the shop owner had given her a refund and explained to her that apprentices aren’t supposed to do hand tattoos.

She raged that there was no one except the apprentice in the shop at the time that she had her tattoo done.

Malana added: “The knife is backward, why is the knife pointing that way and not this way?”

The saga of her woeful tattoo went viral with each video racking up millions of views.

Many people were unsympathetic and argued that Malana should’ve raised concerns at the time that the tattoo was being done. 

One person commented: “Ya she did a bad job, but you should do research before you just let anyone tattoo your hand.”

A second chimed in: “Line work is on her but the placement and you not liking the design is on you. They show you the stencil before starting.”

A third said: “As someone who has over 30 tattoos at this point, you always look at the stencil and the artist’s portfolio beforehand.”

Another added: “You approved it, saw the stencil, watched her work on it for however long, and then you want to do something about it lol?”

Others blamed the owner of the tattoo shop for not supervising their apprentice properly. 

One person wrote: “Wouldn’t an apprentice have more experience than THAT?

"That looks like someone walked in off the street and said I’ll do it. Sorry for your experience.”

Another said: “I’m a tattoo artist and I’ve never heard the rule of apprentices not being able to tattoo hands. 

“Her mentor should have been present and you should have signed an apprenticeship paperwork form.”

According to Healthline, it can take up to six months for a tattoo to fully heal. 

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The recovery process varies depending on the size of the tattoo, picking at scabs, and the moisturizer used to keep it hydrated.

It is recommended to wait until the tattoo is fully healed before going ahead with coverup artwork to avoid infection and other complications.

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