I ditched the filler & Botox for a natural look – people say I knocked 7 years off… my glow down turned into a glow up | The Sun

A WOMAN has been told she's knocked seven years off her appearance after her glow down turned into an epic glow up.

Laura used to rely on "19ml fillers" and Botox, and bleached blonde hair.

But she made the decision to ditch all of it to embrace a more natural look.

In a video on her TikTok page, Laura questioned whether it was a glow up or a glow down.

And she was inundated with people in the comments section all saying the same thing.

"You literally went from 30 to 23," one wrote.

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"Honestly it has taken 5+ years off you, you look so much younger and healthier!!!!!" another added.

"Glow up!! the filler was too much and looked so unflattering on you hun," a third insisted.

"CANNOT stress enough how beautiful you are," someone else wrote.

"You look a lot more mature now, stunning!"

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"That is an unreal transformation! You look like a different person," another commented.

"Glow up 100%!!!!" someone else wrote.

As another added: "You were beautiful before but you’ve deffo had glow up."

"Now you look like a princess," someone else gushed.

"You look so much better now," another commented.

While someone else wrote: "Glow up for sure.

"You are gorgeous without all of that but also gorgeous with it if it makes you happy."

"Omg glow up! So pretty, definitely suit the natural look," another said.

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"Blonde deffo suits you! But the filler was too much," someone else commented.

"Lip filler before was way too much but you were beautiful before and now," another wrote.

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