I bought a cocktail and burst into tears when I realised it cost almost £2k… my husband stormed out | The Sun

COCKTAILS can be expensive but one punter was left reeling after being handed a bill for nearly £2,000 for ONE drink.

Lynsey was told her order for a single cocktail in a five-star hotel in London would cost her a staggering £1,890.

Lynsey was shocked after learning how much her drink cost – with her husband storming out when he saw the bill. 

In Lynsey's now-viral TikTok video, which has 1.8 million views, she explains at the time she believed the drink to be priced at £18.90.

She said: "I had no idea this was £1,890, it was set out on the menu where it said one eight gap nine zero.

"So I assumed it was £18.90."

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The drink was a combination of Cristal Champagne, a sprinkled gold leaf and 30-year-old whisky – a spirit Lynsey confesses she doesn't even like.

Lynsey admitted she "started to panic" in the posh hotel as there was no way she could not afford to pay the bill.

She went up to the "young guy behind the bar" and began to explain the mishap in an attempt to resolve it – but both became more panicked.

As a result, the manager was called over who Lynsey says was "so discrete and so wonderful".

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Lynsey added: "He was like, 'Look it's fine, don't worry about it, we will sort this out'."

Lynsey says her nerves were a mess as this happened on the first night of her five-night stay in the hotel.

She said: "I kept thinking, 'God… If they ask me to pay £2,000 for this cocktail I am going to have an absolute heart attack.'

"So I avoided the bar like the plague – even though I had to walk past it every day to get to my room."

Lynsey was visiting London to celebrate the New Year and on New Year's Eve, accompanied by her sister they went back to the bar in the hotel.

As they walked in they saw the manager who hugged Lynsey and said jokingly: "Ah this is the girl that made us open the Cristal and we had to drink the Cristal."

Lynsey remained apologetic for the mix-up and asked for the staff member who served the drink to her as he was also panicking at the mistake – to which the manager said he had sacked him.

Lynsey burst into tears and claimed "it was not the guy's fault" – and offered to pay the £2,000 for the staff member to get his job back.

The manager said: "Calm down drama queen – we didn't sack him but we had to give him training because this has happened before."

Lynsey was relieved and enjoyed the rest of her stay even having drinks with the manager and his family at the bar.

Lynsey's viral TikTok has received lots of comments from viewers who are baffled at how a cocktail could be so expensive.

One viewer asked: "How can a cocktail cost £2K?"

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Another added: "Even £20 is extortionate never mind two grand."

And one viewer commented: "To be fair it's an absolutely absurd price it should be made clear as day on the menu I'd say!!!"

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