B&M shoppers left mortified after spotting a VERY rude detail on one of their adorable reindeer ornaments | The Sun

CHRISTMAS fans were left horrified after they realised B&M were selling reindeer ornaments with a VERY rude extra detail.

With the festive season right around the corner, many high street retailers have already put up their Christmas stock – but it appears that this year, B&M have decided to go that little extra.

According to mortified shoppers, the popular home goods store had added a rude detail on the adorable reindeer decorations on sale, leaving many in hysterics.

One customer of the shop, Mia, took to TikTok after she spotted the cheeky element of the ornament.

Turns out, as well as having a number of forest animals on his back, the male reindeer also came with a… penis hiding underneath.

''When you think you've found a cute lil decoration in B&M,'' the Christmas enthusiast, from Hereford, said in her video.



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''Not even shocked,'' Mia joked in the caption after being left in stitches.

Sincew being posted on the popular social media platform, the clip has raked close to 800k views in just one day, with hundreds racing to comments to tag their friends and family.

One viewer joked: ''Talk about attention to detail.''

Someone else chimed in: ''omg I bought one of those last year.

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''Didnt notice that. when I get my Christmas stuff out I'll have to have a look.''

''Nah cause I work in b&m and when my coworker showed me that I was shodden,'' an employee revealed.


''oh that’s not very Christmassy,'' another thought the ornament was too inappropriate for the celebrations.

Whilst many said they couldn't wait to snap up a copy, others shared tips and tricks to get rid of the detail, with one suggesting: ''I’d just sand it off.''

However, this is not the first time a store has gone viral for all the wrong reasons – last year, unsuspecting The Range shoppers were stunned after realising the inflatable Santa had a rather unfortunate look to him.

The product in question, which is 2m high, included Father Christmas himself, as well as a Christmas tree and a little dog, jumping on Santa's back.

Although the store may have had the best of intentions with the festive display, what they didn't realise was that the dog appeared to be doing something… dodgy with the Santa.

"We saw this in store yesterday… we laughed out loud!! I think they’ll rethink the design for next year,'' one customer joked.

Another said: "This is wrong in so many ways", while a third penned: "Nah I am SHOOK. Cannot unsee this".

Seeing the unfortunate display, someone else penned: "I don’t think I’ll be purchasing to display next to my 81 year old neighbour's house".

A fellow Instagram user chuckled: "It's Santa's face for me".

Since going viral and leaving people in hysterics, The Range were quick to add in the caption: ''There’s a little BITe of confusion surrounding this product and whether the is dog biting Santas b*m or something a little more… dodgy!!

''We can confirm that the dog is in fact chasing Santa- make of that what you will.''

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