Another woman told me to 'cover up' at the gym as my big boobs made people 'uncomfortable,' but I'll still flaunt them | The Sun

A BUSTY broad did not appreciate how she was treated over her ta-ta's not being covered up enough while working out at the gym.

She just wanted to exercise her right to wear whatever she saw fit.

One thing was certain – she was not going to let being told to cover up bring her down.

"Girl at the gym – you should really cover up your chest, you're going to make people feel uncomfortable," said Abby (@yogantattoos) who was pretending to be the other gym goer.

Wearing a T-shirt, Abby pointed to her chest in disbelief with a horrified look on her face as she continued to reprimand herself.

"I'm fresher than a mother******," she mouthed over the lyrics playing in the background.

She waved her fingers and put her hands on her hip in utter disgust over the top in question.

The divorced 45-year-old who describes herself as a sporty girl who loves making TikToks, then changed back into herself.

Wearing a tight sports bra and matching shorts, she just cooly seemed to take being berated.

She had just one thing to say: "Okay."

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The fitness fanatic was hardly bothered at all.

After all, she clapped back in her own way – by remaining determined to keep flaunting her girls at the gym.

Her fans didn't also didn't mind her fitness look.

"You're beautiful," said one praising follower.

"Thanks," she replied.

According to a survey by Fitrated, a platform for gym equipment reviews, 65% of women admitted that they avoided going to the gym over fear of being judged.

By comparison, only 36% percent of men felt fearful of being criticized over their choice of attire.

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