Why was Quake Lewellyn arrested and is he involved in Sydney Sutherland’s death?

QUAKE Lewellyn was reportedly arrested on Friday in connection to Sydney Sutherland's disappearance after police found a body near the area where she went missing.

The 25-year-old victim was last seen jogging on Wednesday near an Arkansas highway and authorities recovered her cellphone about a quarter-mile from her home Thursday night.

Here is more on Sydney Sutherland’s disappearance and the events that led to her death. 

Who is Quake Lewellyn?

Quake Lewellyn, 28, is a farmer from Jonesboro, Arkansas, according to local reports.

He is reported to have been arrested Friday in connection Sydney Sutherland's disappearance and death. 

The victim and suspect reportedly knew each other but officials have yet to release further details. 

He was booked into Jackson County Jail under charges of capital murder, according to a local NBC affiliate.  

What happened to Sydney Sutherland and when did she go missing?

Sutherland was last seen jogging near Arkansas' Highway 18 between Newport and Grubbs on Wednesday around 2:30pm.

During a press conference on Thursday, Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas confirmed that a UPS driver notified them that she had seen Sutherland Wednesday afternoon near County Road 41.

Sutherland normally walked a loop in that area between County Road 41, 42, 43, and Highway 18.

She was wearing a white tank top and black athletic shorts.

Her vehicle and other personal items were left at her home.

Authorities recovered her cellphone about a quarter-mile from her home Thursday night.

Police found a body on Friday near the area where she went missing. 

What did her boyfriend's parents say about Sydney?

The parents of her boyfriend Alex shared on Facebook about her disappearance and discussed how their son was going through a difficult time following the discovery of the body.

The post read: “I have been asked by my beautiful friend to post a comment from her and her family, and the family of Sydney.

“Please continue to pray for all of them. As you probably have heard by now, they have found the body of Sydney. They have arrested the person” accused of committing “this horrible crime.” 

“He has admitted doing this. Also pray for his family as they have to face what has happened.

“Pray for guidance, grace, forgiveness, and understanding. This is such a horrible time for everyone. It will take lots of prayers to ever understand this. So many hearts are breaking.

“Amy asked me to post this because they are so distraught at this time they can’t possibly reach out to all who has been so kind with food, drinks, calls, and just being there for them. 

“She wants you to know how much they appreciate each and every one of you.

“Pray for Alex. He is going through something a young man should never have to endure.

God bless them all. Take care of them.” the post concluded.

The investigation is still ongoing and no further details have been released.

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