Who was Laura Bassi? Google Doodle celebrates life of Italian physicist

TODAY'S Google Doodle celebrates the life and achievements of Laura Bassi.

The Italian physicist was one of the first women in Europe to receive a PhD.

Who was Laura Bassi?

Laura Bassi was born in Bologna, Italy on 29 October 1711.

On this day in 1732, she defended 49 thesis' to secure her PhD.

Bassi established herself as a household name across Italy as a result of her work.

She became the first female member of the Bologna Academy of Sciences.

As a result of gender discrimination, her opportunities were limited.

But Bassi continued to work hard as she studied calculus and Newtonian physics.

She also conducted several experiments on subjects from electricity to hydraulics.

In 1776, she was appointed as a professor of experimental physics at the Bologna Academy of Sciences.

This made her the first woman to be offered an official teaching role at a European university.

When did Laura Bassi die?

Laura Bassi died on 20 February 1778.

Her funeral was held at the Church of Corpus Domini, Bologna.

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