Who was Alice Procope and how did she die?

ALICE Procope, the girlfriend of Tom Parker Bowles has died of cancer aged 42.

The step son of Prince Charles, Tom, 46, is said to be "devastated" by Alice's passing on March 17, 2021. But who was the former journalist and when did the couple first meet?

Who was Alice Procope?

Camilla’s food critic son Tom was dating former journalist Alice Procope for almost two years, reports the Daily Mail.

She was the granddaughter of the 2nd Viscount Ingleby and had three young children with her estranged husband, Robert Procope, grandson of baronet Sir Robert Wigram.

The mother-of-three died peacefully at home on March 17, seven months after she was diagnosed with the disease.

How did she die?

Alice Procope died from cancer on March 17, 2021.

According to reports, Alice’s cancer diagnosis was delayed “partly” due to the coronavirus pandemic but when it came it was “too late”, according to a friend.

His pal said Tom had been “blissfully happy” with Alice and is “devastated that life can be so cruel”.

Ms Procope had been known as Alice Horton during her time as a diary reporter and was the granddaughter of the 2nd Viscount Ingleby.

She had three young children with her estranged husband Robert Procope – the grandson of baronet Sir Robert Wigram.

A friend told the Mail: “Partly because of Covid, Alice’s cancer diagnosis didn’t come until last August by when it was too late.

“That’s what’s so really cruel and there will be countless others like her.”

Who is her partner Tom Parker Bowles and did they have kids?

Tom Parker Bowles is the son of Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall and is the step son of the Prince of Wales.

Tom, who separated from his wife Sara Buys in 2018, is close with Prince Charles, with the future King admiring the way he handled his relationship with Camilla.

He has written five cookbooks and won an award for his writings on British food in 2010.

His father is Andrew Parker Bowles and he has a younger sister, Laura Lopes, an art curator.

Tom has also presented a number of food shows.

He also makes regular appearances on MasterChef.

The couple do not have children together.

But three years ago he moved out of the Shepherd’s Bush home he shared with wife-of-12-years Sara.

Tom and Sara had two children together.

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