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AUSTRALIAN influencer Emma Claiir has created controversy on her podcast Simply Chaotic.

The comments she made in a recent episode have gone viral and the internet has exploded with condemnation of the podcaster.

Who is influencer Emma Claiir?

Emma Claiir is a 28-year-old influencer from Sydney, Australia.

She shares a lot of lifestyle content and is a "mummy blogger".

As a result of her posts, she has amassed 107k followers on Instagram.

Claiir regularly posts content showing what is going on in her life and created the podcast Simply Chaotic which she co-hosts with Kristy Jean.


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What did Emma Claiir do?

Emma faced widespread backlash online after she admitted to killing two cats as a child in an episode of her podcast.

She joked about the incidents and has received a lot of negative criticism of her comments where she then went on to tell her critics that they need "chill".

In one part of the podcast the Australian mother said about the incident with her cat: "I was swinging my cat around. Like, I was thinking it was just a stuffed toy.

“And I accidentally let go of it.

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"I just want to say I’m giggling about it now, but this happened years ago" as she continued to laugh about the story.

She then went on to say she had also accidentally killed her best friend's cat too.

Claiir then took to Instagram to address her comments.

She wrote: “To the people offended by my story in today’s Simply Chaotic episode that I just shared … It happened 21 years ago. I was a small child … Accidents happen and you all need to chill.

“I hope that you are not the same person you were at nine years old (I could have been even younger you know hahaha) and I can confirm that after that accident I have been the mother moth to multiple cats including my baby Fred.

“It’s a bit of light humour in a get to know us episode and If you can’t handle that then simply chaotic ain’t for you. So byeeeee.”

TikTok videos have resurfaced from November 2022 which she posted where people had commented on how she was holding her pets in the content.

In one upload she is seen with her current pet cat and as she is talking she is swinging it around in a way that caused upset with some of her fans.

One viewer commented “Pleased you finally put that cat down and stopped swinging it around, it didn’t look cute”.

She responded: “There’s always like one hero… that loves to act as if people treat their animals that they absolutely love and adore so horribly.”

She went on to say “Like it happens in every single video that I upload with my animals… I receive one of these comments.”

Emma Claiir then posted a sponsored post where fans were concerned with the way she was holding her dog.

One user commented: “Oh my gosh please watch his back.”

Since these incidents she has turned off comments on her content.

What has happened to Emma Claiir?

As social media erupted as a result of her confessions on her podcast, make-up brand MCoBeauty, immediately dropped her as an ambassador.

They stated: "We were dismayed by this story, and will no longer be working with Emma in [the] future.

"Here at MCoBeauty, we take instances like this extremely seriously and do not condone animal cruelty of any kind".

Fashion giant Princess Polly then took to Instagram to state that they will no longer be working with the content creator.

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Their official statement said that their brand "has a zero-tolerance stance on any form of animal abuse”.

Lust Minerals were the next brand to announce that they are ending their collaboration with the influencer.

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