These 7 NYC precincts have not had a single shooting this year

Gunfire is erupting across the city at nearly twice the rate it did last year, but you wouldn’t know it in these neighborhoods.

Just seven out of the city’s 77 police precincts have dodged this year’s 75-percent rise in gun violence without logging a single shooting so far, a Post analysis found.

The commands that have bucked the trend so far are:

  • 6th Precinct, Greenwich Village
  • 10th Precinct, Chelsea
  • 14th Precinct, Garment District
  • 17th Precinct, Midtown Manhattan
  • 66th Precinct, Borough Park
  • 68th Precinct, Bay Ridge
  • 123rd Precinct, Staten Island

As of Saturday, the city had logged more shootings in the first seven months of the year than in all of 2019 — but the seven precincts dodging the bullet still came as no surprise to police sources and criminal-justice experts.

“Those are all ‘soft houses,’ ” one police source told The Post. “Those are precincts where nothing really happens.”

“Some are business districts. Others are rich white areas,” the source said. “There’s no crime in those precincts. We call them ‘daddy boy’ precincts. That’s where cops put their kids so their sons don’t get no action. People that know people on this job go to those houses.”

Chris Herrmann, an assistant professor at John Jay College and an expert on New York City gun violence said the data suggests the problem is not spreading.

“All the typical gun violence problem areas in New York City have just kind of gotten worse. So, the problem hasn’t really spread,” Herrmann, a former NYPD crime analyst, told The Post.

“To me, that’s always been the silver lining in this kind of sad story,” said “At least the problem’s not spreading.”

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