The exact dates you'll receive the DWP instalments revealed

The exact dates you’ll receive the DWP instalments revealed as millions of low-income households are set to receive up to £900 from April

  • More than eight million means-tested benefits claimants will receive £900
  • There will also be a £150 payment for over six million people with disabilities 
  • The cash support follows soaring inflation, cost-of-living and energy crises 
  • Here are all the dates cost-of-living payments are set to be paid in 2023-24 

Millions of low-income households in Britain will receive up to £900 in cost-of-living support, with the first due later this month.

More than eight million eligible means-tested benefits claimants will receive three cash payments deposited directly into their bank accounts over the financial year. 

There will also be a separate £150 payment for more than six million people with disabilities and £300 for over eight million pensioners.

So, when are the cost-of-living payments going to be paid? Who is eligible to receive them? How much will be paid?

Read on below for all you need to know about the upcoming cost-of-living payments.  

More than eight million eligible means-tested benefits claimants will receive three cash payments to help with the cost-of-living crisis 

Universal Credit

Income-based Jobseekers Allowance

Income-related Employment and Support Allowance

Income Support

Working Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit

Pension credit

25 April – 17 May, 2023

The first of three cost of living payments will be made between Tuesday, 25 April, 2023 and 17 May, 2023. 

Millions of UK households will receive the £301 into their bank accounts automatically. 

Those households eligible for cost-of-living payments include people receiving Universal Credit, Income-based Jobseekers Allowance, Income-related Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support, Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit or Pension credit. 

The amount of benefits you received will not count against you – even if you only received £1, you will receive this payment. 

People eligible for the disability cost-of-living summer payment are those who receive: 

Attendance Allowance

Constant Attendance Allowance

Disability Living Allowance for adults

Disability Living Allowance for children

Personal Independence Payment

Adult Disability Payment (in Scotland)

Child Disability Payment (in Scotland)

Armed Forces Independence Payment

War Pension Mobility Supplement

May 2023

In similar fashion to how payments were made in 2022, those claiming Tax Credits will receive their cost of living payment slightly later than those claiming Universal Credit or other benefits. 

Households receiving Tax Credits will receive their first payment between 2 and 9 May, according to The Sun. 

The payment will be made automatically by HMRC to those households who received a payment of Tax Credits between 26 January to 25 February, 2023.

Summer 2023

A £150 disability cost-of-living payment will be made available for anyone eligible to claim it this summer.

Specific dates for this payment have not yet been revealed. 

The DWP has said it will notify anyone eligible for the payment closer to the time regarding an exact pay date. 

Autumn 2023

Households should expect to receive their second instalment of the cost-of-living payment in Autumn 2023.

This means anyone who qualifies for the payment will receive £300. Payment dates have not yet been disclosed.  

HMRC and the DWP will the eligibility date for the second payment later in the year.

Winter 2023-24 

A £300 payment will be made to help pensioners manage soaring costs and will be during the winter of 2023. 

If you were entitled to a Winter Fuel Payment in the winter of 2023 to 2024, you will receive the extra money for this along with your normal payment.

The full amount of Winter Fuel Payment – including the Pensioner Cost of Living Payment – you will get for the winter of 2023-24 depends on your date of birth, as well as your circumstances during the qualifying dates. 

If you were born before 24 September, 1957, you are eligible to receive a 2023-24 Winter Fuel Payment.

Anyone entitled to this payment will receive a letter, detailing how much Winter Fuel Payment you should expect to receive.

Spring 2024 

The final of three cost-of-living payments will be made in Spring 2024. Anyone entitled to the payment will receiving £299.

A summary of all the upcoming cost-of-living payments can be seen below. 

Mel Stride, secretary of state for Work and Pensions, stated: ‘These payments will give a financial boost to more than eight million households as we continue to wrap our arms around the most vulnerable, while the best way we can protect people from high costs is to halve inflation by the end of this year.’

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt added: ‘I know that times are tough, which is why a key focus of the Spring Budget was supporting people with the cost of living and helping people into well-paid work.’ 

Cost-of-living payment summary 

First Cost of Living Payment: £301, expected Spring 2023

Disability Payment: £150, expected Summer 2023

Second Cost of Living Payment: £300, expected Autumn 2023

Pensioner Payment: £300, expected Winter 2023/4

Third Cost of Living Payment: £299, expected Spring 2024

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