Telecoms engineer moves into garden TENT as he self-isolates

Telecoms engineer moves into garden TENT as he self-isolates to protect 21-year-old family member with chronic asthma amid coronavirus lockdown

  • Engineer John has moved into a garden tent in Thornaby-on-Tees for his family
  • He works in Chelmsford but lives in their North Yorkshire home between jobs
  • His wife’s daughter Tasha, 21, has chronic asthma and is one of UK’s vulnerable
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 A frontline telecoms engineer has moved into a garden tent to protect his 21-year-old family member who has chronic asthma.

John Lendon works in Chelmsford but returns to his home in Thornaby-on-Tees, North Yorkshire when he is in-between jobs.

His daughter Tasha is on a 12-week lockdown as she has chronic asthma and is classed as one of the UK’s 1.5million ‘most vulnerable’ people.

She has ended up in intensive care from a simple cold in the last few months.

John Lendon and his daughter’s partner Alex, 19, are sleeping in a tent to protect a family member from coronavirus (Pictured: Mr Lendon and family friend Danny)

Mr Lendon is living with Tasha’s partner Alex, 19, in a tent to protect her from contracting coronavirus, which has killed more than 1,789 people amid 25,000 cases in the UK.

Mr Lendon’s wife and Tasha’s mother Emma Lendon said: ‘We have cried an absolute river, this has been the hardest part through all this.

‘But just thought straightaway we can’t take the risk of them coming in the house.’

John is working during the epidemic to earn a living for his family, even if it means he can’t go into his home.

His daughter Tasha is on a 12-week lockdown as she has chronic asthma and is classed as one of the UK’s 1.5million ‘most vulnerable’ people (Pictured: Mr Lendon and Danny)

Pictured L-R: Tasha, mother Emma Lendon and Louise, 13, with Tasha’s five-month-old daughter Amelia

Ms Lendon said: ‘This is unprecedented in our lifetimes. It’s emotional.

‘John is not coping very well, it’s really hard to see a grown man cry.

‘All he wants to do is look after us, but he can’t.

‘The only way he can do that is by working; being able to earn is a luxury in itself.’

Ms Lendon works as a cleaner and is taking extra precautions to protect her daughter. She has been in self-isolation for more than two weeks.

Alex cannot hold his five-month-old daughter Amelia as it could put Tasha at risk of catching the coronavirus.

Ms Lendon said: ‘Alex is a frontline worker, so he’ll be staying in the tent for the foreseeable future.

‘He’s finding it hard, it’s hard for everyone to get their heads around.

‘But you do what you have to do to keep your children safe.’

NHS staff and frontline workers across the country are making the heart-wrenching decision to isolate from their families to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Ms Lendon said: ‘[Tasha’s] had about 40 admissions to hospital in the last two years.

‘I self-isolated two weeks ago. I also took my youngest daughter out of school on the Tuesday before they broke up.

‘I know that me, my younger daughter, Tasha and her baby are OK.

‘I’m taking extra precautions whenever we’re going shopping.’

Ms Lendon’s other daughter Charlotte, 25, is also social distancing to protect her family.

England’s deputy chief medical officer Dr Jenny Harries said life may not return to normal until September at the government’s daily coronavirus briefing on Sunday.

She said the UK had to be ‘responsible’ in its actions and reduce social distancing measures gradually.

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