Shocking vid of 'animal abuser' dragged by chain round his neck after he's accused of doing the same to bloodied dog

SHOCKING footage shows a man being dragged by a chain around his neck, after he was accused of doing the same to a pitbull, leaving the dog's face bloodied.

The video, posted to the Instagram story of user frenchiee.bandsome, shows a man with a metal chain around his neck, brutally being yanked to the ground by another man.

It is not clear from the clip who owns the dog.

The horrific incident is filmed inside what appears to be the entranceway to a building, which, according to World Star Hip Hop, is in New York.

It starts off with a clip showing a scene of the alleged animal abuser standing with the chain around his neck, with a caption over the clip which says “N**** wanna be abusing dogs”.

Seconds into the video, the man is abruptly pulled to the ground by another man holding the chain, and pulled around in a small circle, before his attacker stops pulling him to bend down and slap his face.

Straightening up, he then continues to drag him along the concrete on his back, with his victim trying, in vain, to fight back.

He is dragged out of the entranceway and onto a road, where his attacker then drops the chain attached to his neck, and kicks him several times on his torso. 

As this happens, several people, who sound to be on the side of the man pulling the chain, yell their support for the attack and heckle the victim.

The video then jumps to another clip, which is black and white, showing the alleged animal abuser standing in the entranceway with the chain around his neck, while one of his attackers yells “I got a f***ing dog bro” at him.

The person filming, alternatives between zooming in on the man’s unhappy face, and a narrowing in on a splatter of dark spots – which look to be blood – on the pavement near him.

Another person chimes in in the background, asking the man “why you was dragging the dog?” (sic).

The video then jumps to another clip, showing a panting pitbull with a chain around his neck and a scraped, bloody face.

It becomes apparent that the man being dragged along the concrete is being accused of having done the same to the pitbull.

“Let me see your face, papa,” someone can be heard saying in the background.

As the dog turns his head to show his bloodied face, the man’s attackers berate him for using a choker chain to restrict the dog.

The next clip in Instagram story shows the dog inside a house, with a caption saying the dog is “good” and is soon to be taken to the vet.

The next caption introduces the happier-looking pooch as “Prada” and says the owner is off to buy him a new leash, one that’s “not choking his neck”.

It was not clear when the footage was taken.

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