Shocking photograph shows couple walking along the train tracks with a child and pram

A COUPLE have been slammed as "totally irresponsible" after being spotted walking along live train tracks with a young child and pram.

The pair were seen walking along the Keighley and Worth Valley railway – with a photograph showing one holding onto a youngster's hand while the other pushed a pram. 

MP Robbie Moore shared the snap of the two adults and a toddler on Facebook.

He wrote: “Rather worryingly, despite the obvious dangers, people are trespassing on our railway lines. 

“I was sent this photo today, of two adults, with a child walking along the Keighley and Worth Valley railway.

“This is extremely dangerous, risky and totally irresponsible to encourage children to walk along a railway line. 

“Even though the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway aren’t hosting visitors at the moment due to Covid restrictions, the railway line is still being used.

“Trespassing on the railway is illegal and dangerous – please stay safe, and do not do it.”

The MP's followers were shocked and gave their two cents on the incident.

One person said the couple were “pure stupid” while another called them “totally bonkers.”

Passenger services on the scenic heritage line that runs from Keighley to Oxenhope are due to return April 17.

The last year has seen several incidents of Brits dangerously tresspassing on railway tracks.

In May a couple put their lives on the line by having sex on railway tracks.

The randy pair’s afternoon romp delayed trains on the busy section.

They were seen by a startled freight train driver and later spotted running off over a bridge looking dishevelled.

A freight service from Toton, Notts, to Crewe first spotted the lovers.

Drivers were alerted to the danger and warned to slow down through Branston, Staffordshire.

And in October a bride and groom were caught on CCTV posing for their wedding pictures while standing on railway tracks.

It was one of 5,000 trespassing incidents on the railways between June and September.

Meanwhile in January police slammed a "staggeringly stupid" TikTok video of a car parked on a railway track.

The idiots who filmed the crazy stunt at a level crossing at Bromley Cross, Bolton.

The shocking footage was uploaded to TikTok and shows a car parked in the middle of the tracks with a tripod set up nearby.

A caption challenged viewers: "Would you take the risk to get the shot no-one else would?"

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