Read Ghislaine Maxwell’s 'bare-faced lies' as she 'tried to save her skin in Epstein sex abuse probe'

GHISLAINE Maxwell was accused of lying under oath when quizzed about paedo tycoon Jeffrey Epstein's shocking crimes.

The alleged 'pimp' of the notorious sex abuser was arrested in Bedford, New Hampshire over claims including that she LIED to try and save her own skin.

Alongside the charges of sexual activity against Ghislaine Maxwell, two of the counts were about perjury – alleging that she lied under oath.

According to cops, she committed the offence of "willfully telling an untruth or making a misrepresentation under oath."

The indictment laid out the exact instances Maxwell supposedly lied in her testimony.

Count five against her read: 'In or around 2016, in the context of a disposition as part of civil litigation, Ghislaine Maxwell, the defendant, repeatedly provided false and perjurious statements, under oath, regarding, among other subjects, her role in facilitating the abuse of minor victims by Jeffrey Epstein, including some of the specific events and acts of abuse."

Maxwell allegedly "knowingly made false material declarations" and gave false testimonies.

She was asked: "Did Jeffrey Epstein have a scheme to recruit underage girls for sexual massages? If you know."

Her response, claimed to be an untruth was: "I don't know what you're talking about."

When she was asked: "List all the people under the age of 18 that you interacted with at any of Jeffrey's properties?"

She responded: "I'm not aware of anybody that I interacted with, other than obviously (the plaintiff) who was 17 at this point."

She also made false testimony when she was asked: "Were you aware of the presence of sexy toys or devices used in sexual activities in Mr Epstein's Palm Beach house?"


She answered: "No, not that I recall…"

She also replied "no" when asked wether she knew if Jeffrey Epstein possessed sex toys or devices used in sexual activities.

When she was asked who Epstein was having sexual activities with, Maxwell responded: "I wasn't aware that he was having sexual activities with anyone when I was with him other than myself."

Apart from one identified blonde and one brunette, Maxwell claimed in her testimony that she was not aware the disgraced billionaire was having relations with anyone else.

She also said that she had never given anyone a massage, including Epstein, and including a victim under the age of 18.

As well as the suspected lies, investigators said that she helped normalise inappropriate behaviour which occurred between Epstein and the young girls.

Four of the six counts she was arrested for included some type of involvement, aiding, or intent of sexual activity with minors.

The first two counts were for conspiring to and enticing minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts.

Counts three and four were for conspiring to and transporting minors with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.

The indictment says Maxwell would also be present for and participate in abuse.

It says the involvement of an adult female was intended in part to put victims at their ease.

Multiple victims have alleged that Maxwell was present when their abuse began.

The abuse is alleged to have taken place at Epstein’s properties in New York, Florida, and New Mexico.

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