Quarantine entertainment: Bear uses mouth, paw to stand up cone

Quarantine entertainment: Good citizen bear walks calmly over to an orange cone lying on its side before standing it up with his mouth, paw

  • A video of a bear grabbing an orange cone and flipping it upright becomes an internet sensation
  • The video was shot a few years ago by Michael Mauro in Denali Park in Alaska 
  • Bear also used its paw to assist in standing the cone upright
  • At least two people watched in amazement while the bear stood up the cone

Recently shared video shows a bear entertaining a couple of onlookers as it used its mouth to stand up an orange cone that was lying on its side.

“He stands it up! Oh my God. His body knocks it down and he stood it back up,” a woman can be heard saying off camera. 

The video that was shared on Instagram shows a bear walking over to a gravel area to a cone on lying on its side. This video was shot a few years ago by Michael Mauro in Denali National Park in Alaska.

A bear at Denali National Park in Alaska approaches an orange cone lying in a gravel rock pit

The bear assesses the cone before deciding how it will proceed in standing it upright

The bear bites the cone by its base to flip it, which helps tilt the cone toward it a little more

The bear uses its paw to help stand the cone up even more, which helps balance the object

Finally, the bear is able to stand the cone up fully after using both its mouth and paw

After standing up the cone with an audience looking on, the bear walks off triumphantly

Mauro wrote on his Instagram account that two bears were actually in the area on a nearby road. He knew the bears (at least one of them) would wander off the road, so he set up a tripod to capture the action. 

‘As you saw this bear must have been the responsible older brother and he cleaned up the mess. It just goes to show that you never know what’s going to happen in nature,’ Mauro wrote.

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