Portland hit-and-run suspect, 64, 'ran over grandma, 77, TWICE as she was out for 1st walk since getting Covid vaccine'

THE man accused in a fatal Portland hit-and-run ran over a 77-year-old grandma twice as she was out for her first walk after getting the Covid vaccine.

Paul Rivas, 64, is facing 14 felony charges for allegedly going on a blocks-long rampage in his car that left Jean Gerich dead and nine others injured.

Gerich's family released a statement after her death saying that the victim was a beloved mother of two, grandmother of five and had survived a bout with cancer just years earlier, according to the Portland Police.

She was out walking after receiving her first dose of the Covid vaccine, the statement said.

"She received her first vaccination shot last week and was overjoyed to get out in the world again," her family said.

Police said that Rivas struck Gerich during the deadly rampage, then made a U-turn and ran her over again, dragging her under the car.

A witness reportedly told police that he believed the driver struck Gerich intentionally, according to Oregon Live.

Numerous other witnesses also told police that they believed Rivas was intentionally trying to strike vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians during the blocks-long rampage.

Shocking video captured the suspect getting out of his car and attempting to run away from the scene afterwards, but he was confronted by a group of good Samaritans and tackled to the ground.

Rivas was arraigned on Wednesday and is facing a second-degree murder charge, six counts of second-degree assault, six counts of failure to perform the duties of a driver after causing injuries and one count of failure to perform the duties of a driver resulting in death.

The suspect reportedly gave police a series of bizarre excuses when he was questioned about the rampage, according to Oregon Live.

Rivas initially claimed that the Honda Element he was driving was having brake problems and that he was driving around looking for a repair shop.

He also alleged at another point that his car may not have been the one involved in the accidents, and it could have been "another, similar looking" Honda.

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