Photos of world's most beautiful landscapes look they're from dreams

Life is but a dream: Magical photos make some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes look like something straight out of your imagination

  • Julius Kähkönen, 20, melds perfectly-times shots with digital editing to create a dream-like effect 
  • The self-taught photographer, from Finland, has only been taking photos for the past three years 
  • His collection includes vivid lavender fields, a waterfall in Indonesia, and a cinematic German sunset

These incredible photos of landscapes from a self-taught photographer look as if they’ve been captured from a dream.

Julius Kähkönen, 20, from Turku, Finland, only started taking photos at age 17 when he stumbled upon his dad’s camera.

He taught himself both the craft and how to use video editing software and now sells his photos for a living. 

His nature-themed photos include mystical shots of the Northern Lights, lavender fields in France and camels navigating sand dunes. 

The infamous and elusive Northern lights have been captured in this mystifying scene from the fairytale island of Senja, Norway 

This Biblical-themed shot was inspired by simple centric perspectives, as this meticulously-timed photo captures seven camels weaving their way across desert sand dunes 

An Asian rower navigates a hazy endless river through dimly-lit lanterns in this mystical shot 

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Water rolls onto a beach front while a bubbling volcano erupts in the background, in this image which the said was inspired by the idea was that life always continues

A foggy early evening in Eibsee, Germany has been masterfully transformed into a cinematic sunset using well-honed digital editing

Jordanian sand has been digitally replaced with crystal-clear Norwegian blue water while a sole figure in the right of the frame gazes on

These lavender fields in Valensole, France, are seamlessly blurred with a matching purple Indonesian skyline as a lone lady wanders through them

Two separate shots of the Kapas Biru waterfall in Java, Indonesia, have been melded to create the effect of foliage bursting forth from the waterfall’s streams

A lone man poses in front of an erupting volcano as he carries a flaming torch and looks on in awe at the mystical event before him

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