Paul Murdaugh shot dead with mom after being charged with teen's 2019 killing had 'drunken alter ego called Timmy'

PAUL Murdaugh, who was shot dead with his mom after being charged with a teen's 2019 killing, allegedly had a drunken alter ego called "Timmy."

A friend reportedly said that 22-year-old Murdaugh behaved so differently when he was drunk, friends decided to give him a different name.

The allegations were part of a court deposition in a civil lawsuit against Murdaugh, who was awaiting trial for his role in the 2019 death of 19-year-old Mallory Beach.

Murdaugh was accused of being under the influence when driving a boat before the crash that killed Beach.

The news comes after:

  • Paul and Margaret Murdaugh were found shot to death on the family's South Carolina property
  • Paul was awaiting trial for charges related to the 2019 death of Mallory Beach before he died
  • Sources claimed that Paul was the intended target in the attack on the Murdoughs

The disposition, obtained by The Daily Mail, includes a statement from Beach's boyfriend, Anthony Cook, about Murdaugh's drunken personality.

"It's a different name because he turns into a completely, totally different person," Cook reportedly said.

"So, somebody will say, 'All right. Here comes Timmy. We got to go.'"

Cook reportedly said that on the night of the crash, Murdaugh had been drinking and began taking his clothes off after getting into an argument.

"He started taking his clothes off during one of the arguments, and it is 40 degrees outside," he said.

"I've seen him do it a few times when [he gets drunk]. I don't know why he does that."

Murdaugh and his mother, Margaret, 52, were found shot to death on the family's property in Islandton, South Carolina, on Monday.

Sources told the Island Packet that the son was the apparent target.

The Murdaugh family is heavily involved in local law.

Paul's father, Alex, works for the law firm Peters, Murdaugh, Parker, Elzroth and Detrick, which was founded by Randolph Murdaugh more than 100 years ago.

Randolph Murdaugh III, who was 81, passed away just three days after Paul and Margaret were killed. His death was confirmed by the law firm.

Police said that there was no ongoing threat to the public after Paul and Margaret were killed, but have not given much information about the case.

Police confirmed to The Sun on Saturday that the investigation is ongoing, and cannot be commented on at this time.

No arrests have been made as of Sunday night.

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