Owner of home demolished by angry builder living in shabby bungalow

EXCLUSIVE Owner of £500K dream home which was demolished by angry builder while they were on holiday in money row reveals his family are being forced to live in shabby bungalow while it is rebuilt – and police are refusing to intervene

  • Jay Kurji is rebuilding his Leicester home after a workman tore it down in 2021

A family has been forced to live in a shabby bungalow after their £500,000 home remains a building site after a builder ripped the roof off in a pay dispute two years ago, the owner has claimed.

Jay Kurji had hoped to move his family of six into the large property in Leicester after it had been renovated in 2021, but the home is still only half built and he has ‘no idea’ when it will be finished.

Mr Kurji said he fell out with the workman – who he won’t name – after refusing to pay him an additional £3,500 because he wasn’t happy with the standard of work. 

But the row escalated and the builder tore off the roof of his dream home while Mr Kurji was on holiday, leaving behind an interminable construction zone that has infuriated neighbours.

Now, amid claims that police have refused to intervene, MailOnline can reveal that the builder has never been prosecuted and Mr Kurji has never had his money back.

Mr Kurji is currently living in a very modest bungalow four miles away with his family

Jay Kurji’s rebuilt home on Guildford Road, Leicester, has been described as an ‘ugly Grand Designs carbuncle’ by some neighbours

 Mr Kurji told how he fell out with the workman after refusing to pay him an additional £3,500 before the house was bulldozed in July 2021 while he was on holiday

Jay Kurji (pictured) told how he fell out with the workman – who he won’t name

Mr Kurji, who is currently living in a very modest bungalow four miles away from the work zone, has told friends that he has ‘done everything in my legal powers to right the wrong’ but claims he has been failed by the authorities – which has led to the lengthy delays in finishing the project.

A source close to the IT worker said he had complained about the builder to police, council officials and Trading Standards but had ‘come up against a brick wall with no authority willing to help him.’

The family friend told MailOnline: ‘It is a disgrace that nothing has been done to reprimand the builder who left his home half built.

‘The owner is not a vengeful person so does not want to name and shame him. But he said that apart from the foundations everything on the refurbished was wrong.

‘He said “I don’t believe in mob justice but the authorities should have done something. That builder has not been punished but is probably still out there working- you don’t just give up.”‘

Mr Kurji bought the large two-storey detached home in plush Stoneygate, Leicestershire, in 2020 – where an elderly couple had lived for many years – intending to turn it into an even bigger three-storey family property with an extra floor and back extension.

After it was bulldozed, horrified neighbours called the owner to tell him that the roof had been removed and the plot had been left scattered with building rubble.

Today the building in Guilford Road, a wide and leafy tree-lined street, is still uninhabitable.

Google streetview of the property prior to the work taking place

The house in Stoneygate, Leicester, was left without a roof and scattered with rubble in 2020 after a tradesman decided to undo the work he already carried out. Pictured: Before (left) and after (right)

One neighbour on the street, who did not want to be named, said: ‘We felt for him at the time but the work has taken too long and it’s been like living on a building site.

‘What has replaced it is an ugly Grand Designs-style carbuncle, which just looks completely out of place and not in keeping with the area.

‘It towers above other people’s properties and they will be able to see into other people’s gardens.

‘After all the mess we’ve had to put up we’re left with this eyesore monstrosity.’

Another local added: ‘I think it is diabolical and the renovation work has been going on for far too long.

‘We’re unhappy with the design of the new house too as it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the houses on the street.

A new roof has finally been installed over the past few months but it is still ‘an eyesore building site’, neighbours say.

A neighbour branded the house an eyesore and said it had also ruined the pavement, as work was undertaken to restore it

Mr Kurji, a Solutions Architect for an IT firm, said that after refusing to pay the builder an additional £3,500 in 2020, the man took revenge

The detached property was left with its roof missing and rubble scattered all around it

A view of the destroyed property with debris from the destruction lying in front of it

A bathroom fitter, working at the premises today, told MailOnline: ‘The place can still not be lived in and there is a lot of work to do.

‘A new roof is completed now but there is still rendering outside left to do and double glazing of the windows is in process.’

The tradesman added: ‘It is very slow going as there’s so much work to do. I’m fitting two new bathrooms and then floor tiling needs to ge done.

‘I don’t know when the family will be able to move in.’

A source close to Mr Kurji, 42, explained: ‘He has not contacted the builder since he left the house without a roof but he was hoping Trading Standards would look into the matter to see if he had done any wrong.

‘He has also contacted his local MP and council officials but they aren’t doing anything. He said no one cares and he has given up!

‘He contacted police at the time but they said it was a civil matter not a criminal one and he hasn’t taken it any further.

‘The owner even had an independent survey to prove that all the work was wrong.

‘He told me: “I have done everything in my legal powers to right the wrong” and he is very disheartened.’

Mr Kurji said he would contact Leicester City Council about the pavement outside the property when he returned from holiday

Mr Kurji previously admitted that he and the builder had fallen out over a £3,500 bill.

Speaking in April 2021 the Solutions Architect for an IT firm said: ‘I bought the house last year. The builder started in February and we wanted lots of work done so it could become our family home for six of us.

‘We wanted a two-storey extension, a new roof, new wiring and for it to be more environmentally friendly. It’s a nightmare, Unfortunately I picked the worst builder.’

The source added that Mr Kurji had lost ‘a lot more money than £3,500’ over the botched building works.

When MailOnline approached Mr Kurji at home he declined to discuss the building nightmare, saying: ‘I am a very private person and I just want to get on with my life. The matter within the builder is all in the past.’

Asked when he hoped to move into his new home, he replied: ‘I have no idea. Sometimes I think if not when!’

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