Newborn baby is pulled ALIVE from car after it crashed while mom was giving birth in backseat – The Sun

A NEWBORN baby was pulled alive from a car after it crashed while a mom was giving birth in the backseat.

Crystan Graham's baby girl miraculously survived the frightening accident, which left scattered debris inside the SUV, windows shattered, and the newborn nowhere in sight, FOX 5 Atlanta reported.

Her mom, Krystal Jones, was speeding to Gwinnett Medical Center early Monday morning – when their Chevy Tahoe hydroplaned and crashed on the Lawrenceville Highway in Lilburn, Georgia.

Moments later, three officers with the Lilburn Police Department arrived on scene to find the car had crashed into the gate of a Hindu Temple.

When Lilburn police officer Danny Bride, who's body camera recorded the incident, first walked up to the scene, he asked: “Where was the baby at?”

Krystal responded: “We don’t know! I was just trying to get to the hospital.”

She added: “In her womb! She was giving birth!”

Officer Bride, who was first on scene, told FOX 5: “We thought the baby might have gone out the window because there was so much debris in the back.

“Our concern was whether the baby got tossed into the backseat or got tossed through the window.”

Officer Cepeda Huff checked under the SUV's middle row seat after Bride noticed what he thought was an umbilical cord sticking out.

Huff explained: “There is like a small little drop-off under the seat.

"And that’s where the baby laid right into a little pocket. And that’s where I found her.”

The panicked grandmother exclaimed: "Thank you Jesus! She's alive!," when Bridge told her the good news.

He said the baby was "breathing and moving just fine."

Prior to finding the baby, Huff searched the wet ground with his flashlight as he thought the baby could've been "blending in with the mud."

The baby – named Cea Anderson and born weighing 3 pounds 9 ounces – is recovering in the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit.

The Lilburn Police Department posted to Facebook Friday: "We've got some good people working here.

"Sergeant Matt Madden, Officer Danny Bride, and especially Officer Cepeda Huff, we're proud of you all.

"You represent the City of Lilburn, the Department, and most of all the profession well. Keep up the good work gentlemen."

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