New hope for $1,200 stimulus checks as Pelosi ‘wants House to stay in session until coronavirus deal is reached’

THERE is new hope for the $1,200 stimulus checks as Nancy Pelosi "wants the House to stay in session until a coronavirus deal is reached."

The House Speaker made the comments on a call on Tuesday morning, according to a PBS News Hour journalist.

Pelosi also gave Americans a slither of hope last week when she spoke about the possibility of a deal before November 3.

"I'm completely optimistic," Pelosi told CNN of another stimulus deal.

"As is Chuck Schumer," she added of the Senate Minority leader.

She slammed a $500billion proposal made by Republicans on Thursday, that was rejected during a Senate vote.

"I do think that we should have an agreement," Pelosi told CNN of another package.

"That's what we all want… The fact is is that this is about our country and our future," Pelosi added.

However, on Sunday, economist and adviser to President Trump Stephen Moore criticized Pelosi and Schumer for "holding things up."

"Come on Nancy Pelosi," Moore told radio host John Catsimatidis on WABC 770AM.

"Come on, Chuck Schumer. Come together for the good of the country. Get a deal done! … What is holding things up? I think it's pure politics."

Last Thursday, Democrats rejected the newly proposed $500Billion Republican bill – making it the fifth to fail to pass, according to The Hill.

Pelosi and Schumer said the bill "doesn't come close to addressing the problems and is headed nowhere," in a joint statement.

As COVID-19 cases continue to climb past 6.5million, with deaths nearing 200,000, millions of Americans are eagerly awaiting to see if they will receive another $1,200 stimulus check.

If Congress can come to an agreement on a package within the next ten days, checks could be sent out to Americans in around two weeks.

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