New George Floyd vid sees him 'paying with fake $20 bill while appearing high' before arrest, Chauvin trial hears

GEORGE Floyd appeared "high" in new surveillance footage showing him using a "fake" $20 bill minutes before his death, Derek Chauvin's murder trial heard on Wednesday.

The new footage shows Floyd purchasing cigarettes using the reportedly conterfeit note in a Cup Foods in Minneapolis on May 25 after spending several minutes roaming around the store.

The cashier who served Floyd told the court said that he spoke to the 46-year-old when he first entered the store but he was slow to respond.

"When I asked him if he played baseball, he went on to respond to that but it took him a little long to get to what he would try to say," Christopher Martin, 19, told the jury.

"It would appear that he was high," the teen added.

In the video, taken inside the Cup Foods, Floyd is seen strolling around and speaking to employees and other customers.

At several points in the video, which has no audio, Floyd is seen shuffling around and bouncing on his toes as he moves in and out of the shot.

He then walks up to the frount counter where Martin serves him cigarettes.

The cashier, who also lives above the store, told the court that while he believed Floyd appeared high, he could understand the request he made.

Martin completed the transaction with Floyd but is seen holding up the $20 bill to inspect it and told the court he believed it was fake.

He described the bill as having a "blue pigment to it how a $100 would."

"I found it odd so I presumed it was fake," Martin explained.

He told the court that the store policy was that employees who accepted a counterfeit bill would have to pay for it themselves and that he was initially going to put it on his tab.

"Then I second guessed myself and kept examining it and eventually called my manager," Martin continued.

The witness said his manager todl him to call Floyd back into the store as the father-of one had now gone out to his SUV.

Martin said he went twice to the car to bring Floyd back inside.

Martin was the first witness called on Wednesday, the third day of Chauvin's trial.

The ex-cop, 45, faces charges of uninentional second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and manslaughter.

The trial is expected to last for four weeks.

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