Motorist mows down and kills pregnant teen on a Brazil sidewalk

Horrifying moment pregnant teen Gabriela Oliveira and unborn son are mowed down and killed by a van on a Brazilian sidewalk, leaving behind husband of one year

  • Gabriela Oliveira was killed Monday in São Paulo, Brazil, after a vehicle jumped a sidewalk and slammed into her and her husband Leonardo Santos
  • Oliveira was just 18 years old and eight months pregnant – her baby didn’t survive the accident
  • Police said the driver of the vehicle had encountered problems with the van the day prior to the incident 

This is the tragic moment an 18-year-old pregnant girl was run over by a van in Brazil, killing her and the baby she was expecting with her 20-year-old husband, who was injured.

The frightening video footage shows Gabriela Oliveira and Leonardo Santos walking along a sidewalk on their way home in the São Paulo town of Itaim Paulista when they were struck Monday.

A Volkswagen van was traveling on the left lane of the road when the driver suddenly lost control of the vehicle and skidded across the foot pavement.

Santos could be seen attempting to block Oliveira before the vehicle slammed into the couple.

Gabriela Oliveira (left) and Leonardo Santos (right) were on their way home Monday when they were struck by a van in São Paulo, Brazil. Oliveira, who was eight months pregnant, was rushed to a local hospital, where she and her baby died. Santos suffered multiple fractures to his legs and back

Gabriela Oliveira was eight months pregnant awaiting the birth of her first child, a boy. Both died Monday after a van struck her and her husband in São Paulo

Bystanders immediately rushed to their side in an attempt to save them. Oliveira appeared to have been pinned between the wall of a building and the van.

Authorities said the driver encountered mechanical issues with the van Sunday. 

However,  it’s unknown if the problem has been corrected.

Brazilian news outlet SBT News reported that Santos sent audio messages to his brother from the accident site and told him he was worried about Oliveira.

‘The (van) ran over us. The rescuers are here helping us, but I don’t know how she is now because they took me away from her. So I wanted to let you know, okay?’ he said. 

Police said the driver of the vehicle had encountered mechanical problems with the vehicle a day before the accident that killed Gabriela Oliveira (left) and the child the 18-year-old was expecting. Her 20-year-old husband, Leonardo Santos (right), suffered leg and back injuries

A Volkswagen public transportation van hits pregnant 18-year-old Gabriela Oliveira (left) and her 20-year-old husband Leonardo Santos (right). Oliveira and her baby died at a local hospital. Santos fractured both of his legs and his back

Gabriela Oliveira had a miscarriage last year and lost a child 

Santos also told his brother that the paramedics assured him that Oliveira was ok before they taken to Santa Marcelina Hospital.

‘But they’re saying that she’s fine, that her heart rate (is under) control. The (vehicle) lost control, hit us on the sidewalk. We were already on our way home. That’s all I remember. When I woke up she was lying on the ground there. I am really worried brother.’

Oliveira suffered a heart attack and died at the medical facility.

Santos suffered fractures to both of his legs and his back.

Oliveira and Santos had been only married for over a year and were expecting their first child, Ravi Lucca.

She had suffered a miscarriage last year and lost her baby.

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