Morrisons warn customers chicken nuggets might contain pieces of GLASS

Morrisons warn customers that their chicken goujons and nuggets might contain pieces of GLASS

  • The retailer says some own-brand products may contain ‘small pieces’ of glass
  • The product use by dates of the affected batches range from June 18 to June 21 
  • Customers should not eat the products and return them to a store for a refund 

Supermarket giant Morrisons has issued an urgent recall of certain own-brand chicken products due to a risk they could contain glass.

Morrisons issued the warning the products could contain ‘small pieces of glass’ but there is no further information as to what exactly has caused the risk.

Products affected include Morrisons Breaded Chicken Steaks 500g with a use by date of 18 June, Morrisons Breaded Chicken Platter 600g with a use by date of June 19 and Morrisons Breaded Chicken Nuggets 260g with a use by date of June 19.

As well as these Morrisons Breaded Chicken Goujons 270g and Morrisons Breaded Chicken Goujons 650g with a use by date of June 20 or June 21 are also being recalled. 

The 600g breaded chicken platter contains both the at-risk chicken nuggets and chicken goujons

The 500g chicken steaks are also affected by the recall – customers are urged not to eat any of the items on the list

Morrisons is telling customers to return any affected products to their nearest store for a full refund – and you don’t need a receipt to do so

Morrisons, which was established in 1899, has a product recall section on its website where you can view all affected products at any time

The recall has also been shared by the Food Standards Agency, the body responsible for ensuring the food people buy is from a trustworthy source and is safe to eat.

The FSA said notices will be displayed in all retail stores selling these products. 

In a post on the product recalls portion of their website, the brand said: 

‘Please do not eat this product and return it to your nearest store for a full refund. 

‘We don’t need a receipt.

‘No other products are affected by this issue. 

‘We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and assure customers of our continuing commitment to the highest standard of product quality and safety.’

You can find your nearest Morrisons store by using its website store locator.

Morrisons shoppers were fast to react to the news, with one Facebook user writing: ‘How does this even happen???!!! Why is there glass anywhere NEAR food production lines? I honestly don’t get it!’

Another said: ‘Why does that keep happening?’. Other users said they are relieved they have not purchased any of the products. 

And one Twitter user went even further, writing: ‘All the more reason to ban meat and go vegan.’

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