Moment Covid marshals show lockdown flouters a YELLOW CARD in bonkers clampdown

THIS is the moment a Covid marshal showed lockdown flouters a yellow card in a bonkers telling-off.

One of the marshals, wearing a red hi-vis jacket, used the football punishment on the group of rule-breakers who had been protesting.

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The yellow card system gives lockdown flouters a first warning before the police are called and fines issued.

In the viral clip posted on the weekend, the officers can be seen speaking to the group of protesters in a park and flashing a yellow card at them – just like a football referee.

There were a number of anti-lockdown protests taking place around the country on the weekend – but it's not known where the video was shot.

The person being given the bonkers footie caution can first be heard questioning the marshals, asking: "Under what law am I not allowed to protest?"

One can be heard saying: "Carry on walking, if you won’t leave I will give you a yellow card."

The person filming on his phone says: "Yellow card? What is it?"

Responding when the man repeats his question, the other officer replies: "A yellow card is what we give you if you breach Covid regulations.

"You have also been to a protest up the road.


"You’ve been walking around the park where the protest has been taking place and you’ve been stood there watching, therefore you’ve breached the Covid regulations because you’re not exercising, you’re in a gathering.

"We issue a yellow card as a first warning and we issue the second yellow card as a final warning and that’s when police will come and enforce it by fining you."

Covid marshals do not have enforcement powers – but can have a word with rule-breakers on the streets and can give out warnings.

They can also give out advice and providing hand-sanitiser and face masks to the public.

In Gloucestershire, Covid marshals have begun patrolling the streets and showing flouters yellow cards as a pre-fine warning.

The Government said earlier this month local councils in England will receive £30million partly to fund the officers.

Last month, cops warned that fake Covid marshals were caught knocking on people's doors checking for rule breaches, before stealing from the homes once inside.

All the reasons you can leave home during the second lockdown in England

  • To buy goods or obtain services from a business that's open – or to get them for a vulnerable person
  • To exercise outside – either alone, with your household or one person from outside your household
  • To provide informal childcare for someone under 13
  • For 'recreation' – to visit a public outdoor place for enjoyment – such as going to the park
  • To attend a place of worship
  • To attend a Remembrance event
  • To undertake activities in connection with or required to buy, sell or let out a home
  • To visit an estate agent, home, or show home to buy or rent
  • Moving house
  • To visit the tip or a recycling centre
  • To collect food or drink from a take-away venue
  • To visit people in your support bubble
  • To go to work, school, training or volunteer work
  • To fulfil legal obligations such as attending court or bail proceedings
  • To access critical public services including social services, DWP job centres, food banks or victim support
  • For medical need – including appointments, tests, vaccinations, to donate blood, to be with someone giving birth, or to avoid injury and escape harm
  • For support groups – such as vulnerable person's meetings, to care for someone with a disability
  • To visit someone who is dying if you're family or a close friend
  • For a funeral, celebration of life or to visit a grave and pay respects
  • For a wedding – but these are only allowed if one of the party is dying
  • For childcare reasons – such as for kids to visit both parents
  • To look after animals including exercising them
  • To return home from a holiday
  • To visit someone in prison

During the second lockdown, people in England must stay at home and must not socialise with members of another household indoors.

You can, however, meet up with one person from a separate household outdoors while you are alone and maintain social distancing.

People will face a £200 fine if they leave their homes without a reason.

Today, coronavirus deaths rose by 501 across the UK, but infections dropped by more than 10,000 compared to last Thursday.

Another 22,915 Covid infections were confirmed, down from the 33,470 recorded this time last week.

And with the second national lockdown set to end on December 2, Brits are eagerly waiting to see what tiered system will replace it.

Ministers are discussing plans for families to meet in social "bubbles" of up to four households over a five day festive period in December.

But the five days of "freedom" could result in another 25-day lockdown in the new year.


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